Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is an anime based off of a visual novel going by the same name. Being based off a visual novel, it’s hard to fit the plot of a 40-50 hour game to an anime that’s 12 episodes. I believe that Koichoco does an okay job fitting the plot into the time slot allocated. That being said, there are definitely problems with the anime plot, but they’re not enough to ruin it for me.

Yuuki finding out he's going to run for school president, whether he likes it or not

Koichoco’s main character is Yuuki Oojima, a high schooler that gets pushed into running for president of his school after another candidate, Satsuki Shinonome, states that one of her main policy goals is to cut clubs that drain funds and have little to no achievement. Yuuki’s club, the Food Research Club, is part of the main clubs that would be cut if Satsuki wins the upcoming election. Yuuki decides to run after getting support and encouragement from the other club members. While his campaign starts out as a single-issue candidate focused on not cutting clubs (and also stating that his name is Oojima, not Ooshima), his platform expands as time goes on. As with any candidate running for any office, he faces several speed bumps and discovers how other candidates use tricks to sway favor.

Being an anime that’s mainly focused on Yuuki’s exploits with the five heroines, I’ll cut to the chase and briefly talk about all of the girls that have routes in the visual novel that the anime’s based off of:

Chisato Sumiyoshi

Chisato Sumiyoshi is Yuuki’s childhood friend and the president of the Food Research Club. Chisato and Yuuki live next to each other and walk with each other to school every day. She’s very attached to Yuuki for reasons that are explained later in the anime.

Satsuki Shinonome

Satsuki Shinonome is the main candidate that Yuuki’s running against. While she knows that Yuuki is running for president especially because of her, she still takes a liking to him. Her older sister is a teacher at the school and is the advisor to the club that Yuuki is in. Every time she sees him, her face noticeably lightens up from her usual stoic tone, and she walks up and calls him a nickname based on what he’s doing at the time.

Mifuyu Kiba

Mifuyu Kiba is Chisato’s and Yuuki’s good friend and fellow member of the Food Research Club. Due to illness, Mifuyu is a year behind in school. Mifuyu is quite frail and is not able to push herself that much. She supports Chisato’s love for Yuuki, even though it is shown that Mifuyu has feelings for him herself.

Isara Aomi

Isara Aomi is a student that’s assigned to help with Yuuki’s presidential run due to her status as a ‘financial aid student’. Due to her not being graced with generational wealth, she’s mocked for her status by those who’ll never have to work a day in their life. Her struggles influence Yuuki and the policies he pushes for. She takes a liking to Yuuki for standing up for her.

Michiru Morishita

Michiru Morishita is a shy and mysterious first-year student that’s part of the Food Research Club. Not that much is known about her until the end of the anime due to things I can’t explain right now. All I can say is that she’s fond of Yuuki.

An anime like this shouldn’t be scored by its plot itself. It’s the characters that make an anime like this what it is. The characters in this anime are quite nice, especially Satsuki (in my opinion). Luckily, Koichoco’s plot isn’t total garbage. I really enjoyed watching this anime. It’s not anything ground-breaking or amazing plot-wise, but it does a great job at what it’s supposed to be; an anime based upon a visual novel.

75 /100
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