Tokyo Ghoul:re Anime Review Episodes: 12 Genres: Horror Supernatural Psychological Plot: 3.5/10 Most stories will have a clear problem in the beginning that the characters need to resolve before the book or show ends. Like in a classic mystery: someone dies we need to figure out who killed them. Tokyo Ghoul:re doesnt have something like that? Were introduced to a mishmash of character who seem to not have any motivations except one. Nothing happens that would indicate a problem until the anime is 3/4 over. The characters just live their lives doing whatever they want not achieving anything. The story is actually about how Haise deals with his lost memories but the way he deals with it is so incredibly unrealistic and boring. The show cannot even get its main objective done well. Also can we talk about Deus Ex Machina? Maybe used once or twice in a show isnt that bad but multiple times in every episode? Its so annoying when none of the characters can die because everyone apparently has magical powers of living. You finally think someone will die nope saved by some random luck. Its poor story writing when you rely on this clich so heavily. Art/Animation: 6/10 The animation is meh at best. Theres nothing really special about it. For a show heavily focused on fight scenes said fight scenes werent animated to their full potential. Why this category gets a 6 however is the art. I quite liked the character designs and seeing how old characters changed. Juuzou 3 Music: 5/10 Numerous times while watching this show I thought to myself You know there may be something wrong with your show if the opening theme is the greatest thing about it. The opening was great everything else was lackluster. Nothing more to be said about it. Characters: 1.5/10 This is my biggest problem with the show by far. None of the characters were likable none Juuzou is cool tho. The show tries its hardest to make you like the characters except Urie and feel for their struggles but you just feel nothing. The show makes the ghouls out to be these harmless creatures that just need to eat but you really couldnt care less if any of them died. Speaking of Urie he was the most annoying character I have ever had the misfortune of seeing in my entire life. His monologue was simply there to prove how much of a jerk he is and everything he does everything is useless to the plot. He does nothing but make himself look idiotic. Now do the characters have any development? No. No they dont. The one character that is meant to have a lot of development Haise is the most indecisive person I have ever seen. I dont want to talk about the ending because of spoilers but you cannot have a character develop when they are constantly fluttering back and forth on how to behave. His entire character is a mess. Overall Score: 4/10
40 /100
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