Before starting this review, I would like to note that almost every character of Drifters is a historical figure, so I would highly recommend you to Google it (search Drifters characters in a real life historical figure Ej- Shogun Tokugawa.)Anyways lets start.

Story : Toyohisa of the Shimazu clan is in the heat of the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 (prepare your anus).which signaled the start of the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan; the only thing he thinks about is how to behead the enemy commander and he is ready to achieve this goal by all means. Having fatally injured the enemy commander, Toyohisa is also about to die. Suddenly he finds himself in a white corridor, facing a man that man is wearing in office clothes hes sitting at a desk a few moments later he is sent to a new land, where some historical figures in this world there's only 2 instances (Drifters and Villians) where they fight some actually strong villains, but even then there's no tension because you know they're gonna win for sure and i don't really care enough about the characters to give a damn about those fights. Now Shortly after that he finds out that he, as well as his new companions, are Drifters. Why were Drifters sent to this world? Find out the answer now!.

Art and Music: The art and music are close similar to Hellsing, so if you have already seen Hellsing you will recognize it immediately and will not have any problems with it. If you have not seen Hellsing Ultimate yet, it will not be a problem, either. The art style is amazing, every single detail of all characters is just beautiful. And, yes, that Japanese themed Alucard is just badass. The music, however, did not leave a huge impression on me. Of course, the voice actors did one hell of a job, but I was hoping to see something close to what was in Hellsing Ultimate. Anyway, the music used in Drifters is a mix of traditional Japanese music, jazzy beats, and rock.

Characters: Thank God they all look great, because they are way more of a mixed bag when it comes to their characterization. The main character, Toyohisa, is a cool intense badass samurai, but he is sort of boring in the way that Superman is boring because he is pretty much invulnerable. Of the other two mains Nobunaga is actually pretty great and my favorite character on the show; he is a great blend of funny critique of Nobunaga Oda as historical figure and wacky anime guy in crazy anime world. He is clearly having a great time, which makes him fun to watch. Yoichi, the other (semi)prominent lead, is kind of just an archer who kills things with archery. Cool but vanilla. Speaking about villain some of the villains are also pretty interesting in the context of the historical figures they represented. At one point I was like "yeah I guess Joan of Arc might be a little pissed about getting lit on fire." That was an entertaining tangent. The identity of the main villain will probably piss some people off a whole bunch, but I though it was a pretty neat examination of a controversial historical figure
All in all, this show feels OLD. The jokes feel old, the story is about olden times, the main cast is markedly older than the majority of anime casts, and the target audience appears to be people who like Tolkien but also really enjoy reading world history textbooks in their spare time (which is, I guess, kinda me). If you catch all the references to history, you might think its pretty funny at times.

89 /100
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