Hmm, the mundane side of things in life. Do they really contain more than just activities described as being unexciting? Well, how about we take that exact question and spice it up with a bit of fantasy and imaginative writing? The result? Say hello to the wonderful slice-of-life anime titled Maid Dragon!

Dragons in a human world. They're powerful, quirky, quite bouncy indeed, and one apparently wears a maid outfit. In the eyes of programmer Kobayashi and ours as well, you can say the ordinary is becoming rather extraordinary... and quickly too! Now, a combination of oddness and conventionality might be a bizarre thing. But here's where I tell you how this show has succeeded in putting a refreshing twist to the slice-of-life genre. At first glance, it's only a fuzzy and cute display. True, however, there's more to this than just heart-tugging sweetness. These dragons, who have little knowledge about humans, are given the chance to experience the goodness of human nature by meshing with the world of people. Pretty much everything in an everyday life. From what we do, how we communicate, what we enjoy, and how we bond. In their eyes, they are shown all these ordinary circumstances that we find as mundane and repetitive, but to them, they feel a different kind of specialness and become appreciate of it. They've grown attached to it. Like a reflection reminding us that we too can be grateful with an ordinary lifestyle. This, together with Kobayashi who now has her life livened up by eccentricities, speaks for a fun filled with many heartwarmers. And you know what? A fantasy day-to-day full of dragons, I can definitely appreciate such a quirky family.

Yep. Life is such dullness? Such monotone? Let's erase all that! Because the human world where this family resides in is a world brightened up by the colors of innocence and cartoony toons. Glee replaces humdrums and peculiarity replaces the usual. Every nooks and crannies envisioned from a combination of fantasy and slice-of-life, drizzled with some comedy, are animated with a lot of activity. Hey, even the fan service got that treatment as well, overemphasized or not. There's the blobby highlights nailing down the child-like look while detailed eyes refresh them as the fire-breathing beasts they rightfully are. And to soften everything up, the pastel-styled backgrounds subdue these characters against an ordinary world. As their attachment to the world grows, their expressions show both blissful and heart-warming growths. Which is something wonderful to see. It's even more precious in how there's so many emotions pronounced through the voice acting. Lively, adorable, loving. Each of this brings out Kobayashi's and the dragons' whole personality out to form them as a family. And finishing things off, the soundtracks serve as an addition that harmonize the odd and normal together. While mostly bustling with lightheartedness, the tempo can slow down into a gentle and mellow maturity, paving way to a sincerity this show has its roots in. Oh, plus the catchy opening too. Chu chu yeah!

So there you have it. Maid Dragon is a slice-of-life show that really knows how to unpack what its genre is all about. It reminds us about the positivity contained within the everyday setting that we live in. The mundane? Not anymore with these dragons. A life of no excitement has now transformed into something truly hearty, and that is certainly a wonderful thing.

87 /100
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