I have to admit that the first season of OreGairu wasnt really what I was expecting when I read the synopsis and completed the anime. However it had a certain charm/quirkness that the second season lacked. That doesnt mean this season isnt funny or entertaining. No In fact I much prefer this second season for being imho an upgrade in basically every way. Characters: Im pretty sure everyone knows this already but being a romcom good characters are a must to be able to pull off chemistry. OreGairu Zoku enhances all the personality of our cast and brights in all to light on this second season. The final episode fully confirmed and made for a perfect cliffhanger. It personified all the main characters traits and thankfully did not went OoC in order to get a happy ending. Art: This is what I was talking about in my first paragraph. The first seasons art while very lacking visually protruded a certain charm that endeared me to the Service Clubs antics. Zoku however was able to use its much better visuals in order to show us more nuanced expressions with fuller depth of emotion especially in the characters smiles which conveyed a well of deepseated emotions that really made me feel for them. Sound I really didnt feel the soundtrack and in my eyes that was alright. Zoku did not need melodic tunes to amplify a scene because it was already good though good music could make some scenes be better executed. The OP and ED were fantastic actually. The visuals that came with it were very good and offered some cool shots. Story: Some people might complain that OreGairu has forced drama. Those people are completely wrong. I guess that some characters kinda seem to have backstories that you know will cause drama in some future arcplot. For the most part though every single character is indistinguishable from a normal person. This makes the story seem very real and not some kind of soap opera. Overall: This anime looks to be catered to loner people however that is just not the case. If youre looking for a superior romcom which shows how people would actually behave like in real life then watch OreGairu. Be warned however once you start youll binge through the end and be left wondering if the author would actually finish this novel because it seems like he doesnt know how to end this without upsetting a huge portion of his fanbase.
100 /100
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