Story: This is another story that the less you know about it going forward the better. Only going into mild spoiler territory; the plot centers around the murder of a high school girl, presumed dead, returning at the dismay of her class who were complacent in her death. It's a suspenseful little tale, that goes in unexpected directions if you don't already know what you're in for.

Sound/Music: In terms of the music, there's really nothing that stands out. Although there seems to be a better effort to incorporate the music into the story than a lot of the stories in the extended anthology. The soundtrack mostly consists of very generic "horror" orchestral pieces that are woven into the appropriate story beats. Voice acting helped immensely to bring these characters to life. Tomie stands out among the performances, which is to be expected, considering her role as an iconic Ito character. Her classmate in the first episode worked well as a narrator for the start of Tomie's story and the rest of the actors worked well with what they were given.

Art/Animation: These episodes were much more consistent this time around with the quality of the art and attention to detail. Tomie was framed with consideration to her character, either hidden from view or staring intensely with her signature stare. Unfortunately, the execution of some of the "shocking" scenes were thoroughly underwhelming, lacking detail or proper framing within the scene. Additionally, the "censoring" (at least in the episodes on Crunchyroll) of the gore really killed the flow of the story with the large black and red smudges obscuring the scene. However, based on some of the gore present in the anthology and what is visible, I don't think there the level of detail would've been enough to elicit the kind of disgust necessary for these scenes.

I think because I'm comparing it to much of the poorer episodes of the anthology, I'm more forgiving of these episodes. That being said, this isn't the worst of the bunch and is worth a watch whether or not you are a Junji Ito fan. Tomie is just a good little campfire horror and this adaptation does a well enough job getting that across. Check it out if you have some time to kill.

70 /100
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