INTRO....I want to be honest. I was evading this anime . My first impression was the picture of Riko Reg and Nanachi I thought: An anime about children with some strange plot fanservice and maybe a big bunny you know the same shit again. I was not expecting anything from this anime. I was preparing to drop it and shit on it but now i eat my own words. This anime is a jewel. The adaptation is incredible. It has a good narrative with an impressive artistic design combined with the most beautiful soundtrack of the 2017 and an acceptable character development if you havent seen it what are you waiting for ? after read this review go to your favorite anime website PornHub can wait for a while made in abyss no I assure you that you wont regret it. Story 9.4/10 ill write this again: An anime with a good story. It has everything mystery emotion sadness love action tears and much more. The story could be straightforward and conceptually very simple several details are added as the story progresses. The show highlights concepts such as friendship trust why the abyss became important to the locals and the curse that surrounds it without being too complicated for the viewer to understand. Also we can observe the constant need to find the truth and the need to resolve the abyss mysteries. Besides the story blended very well with the art and soundtrack to produce a beautiful animation. Made in Abyss is a perfect example of an adventure anime done right. When I first started watching it it reminded me of the feeling you get when you jump into some beautifullooking openworld RPG for the first time as the world of Made in Abyss simply looks stunning. Lowering the abyss is a dangerous task. However it is gratifying to see the consistency between hazards and depth. Perhaps the only negative point I have is that the story is not going to be finished as the manga is still going on. In addition it was only adapted to chapter 26 of the manga. Im sure well have to wait a while for an ending but the voices and the animation of sadness scenes are pretty good i choose one of them ... TEARS ALERT AND SPOILER ALERT DO NOT PLAY THE VIDEO IF YOU HAVENT WHATCH THE ANIME Characters: 9.6/10 Reg: This character has a mystery that maybe will not be explained. He is powerful but lacks thoughtful analysis. For that reason he is the best partner for Riko because she is the rational one and they trust each other Reg is that kind of character who you can rely on its like fucking IRON MAN ok ok jr Iron Man 220 Riko cof stupid girl cof cof.. just kidding its a good character too Its an enthusiasm characters. She wants to explore and to understand the abyss. Besides she is anxious to go deeper because she wants to SPOILER see her mom . She suffers cries worries but always tries to be active no matter how weak she is. She is brilliant but her body is not that strong as Regs body. 220 Nanachi: My favorite character im not furry is more a survivor of the abyss curse. She is very intelligent and has suffered a lot this character have the saddest story in my opinion. 220 220 Ozen: She is a human being but could be a monster. She does not care if youre weak or strong. She will show you the reality and if necessary will put you in your place.Ozen is not hesitant to tell someone an Awful Truth. In fact she would twist words to make the Awful Truth even more painful to accept for kicks.220 ART 9/10 That quality remained throughout the series. In addition the choice of colors and a smart move adjusted within the scenes helps you to focus on what matters not forgetting or letting go of the details if you choose to focus on other parts of the sceneThe precise colors and design created an impressive effect that for the spectators eyes could be one of the best of 2017. the animation itself is fairly fluid for the most part and despite not being an actionoriented show its fucking masterfully animated and polished action scenes thrown here and there when Reg needs to protect Riko. 220 Sound 9.8/10 The music runs in the best time possible. It creates excitement drama conveys feelings to viewers and makes the plot and characters shine. Enjoyment: 9.7/10 I really liked this anime. It does not matter if the characters were not explored in detail no matter the lack of answers about some characters or if the story did not end. The show brings a lot of excitement to any viewer. The story is solid well structured and consistent almost all the time. The pace is good and the details never hurried. Another good point is that they followed the manga so none could complain. The art and sound led the narration out of the chart. Overall: 9.6/10 I was tempted to give a 10 to this anime but the questions about the characters and the unfinished story lowered the score. ill score it 10 in a future. but its highly recommended to watch this masterpiece. 220
95 /100
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