Lets see where do we even start uh.. Hibike This would serve as my succeeding review for all of Hibike Euphonium. Two makes it more out of its first season and its great I see more Kumiko and the Kitauji High School Concert Band. The thing is this series surpasses just more than harmonious music. It passes on to daily lives dramatic and tragedy of all of one of these characters that I have seen with all my eyes. Its more than music music goes and flows with them as they go forth and music of course interacts with their daily rhythmic activities and such. It somewhat reminds me of Clannad with their AfterStory being season 2 but theyre totally different Clannad is more centric on Slice of Life while Hibike Euphonium focuses on music. What they have done with the characters are twice as terrific here especially Kumiko. The series tries to show that what theyre doing is not just that theyre showing that theyre like us humans and shows that we also struggle the same as them. Some scenes especially at the middle EP 68 are quite relatable to me because where I live is quite common as theyre portrayed here. Forgive me if the next line sound spoilery to you not really sure if they are Parents conflicting with their sons and daughters about that their academics is much more important than what theyre having fun with and misunderstandings that we cant just say it thats what Ive seen with my own eyes both in here and real life. Conflicts exists no matter what the situation is nothing ever goes as stable as ever and itll always either go up or down. Dark Ages and the Golden Ages exists for that matter. That goes the same for the Concert Band Kumikos in they would occasionally have problems that are unexpected and even unheard of that a domino effect comes in to show. And thats where their main Music genre comes in to welcome harmony with these problems. They play harmoniously as always and greater than or with the first season. Music always keeps their notes and musical staves staff high. They wont give up sounding off their music regardless of any situation from personal issues to their downfall. They dont want to fall down on their knees because music has always been a passion for all of these characters and thats probably the same for all of you in different insights and hobbies. You dont give up because its simply what you do and love to do with and on it. The Hibike factor is beautiful and mirrory of whatever is shown here Music is what they keep themselves sounding high to the sky and to their lives and creates a harmonious composition with teamwork and equity. This is in fact one of the greatest anime Ive watched for this time period and I really recommend this to everyone hands down. I cant wait for the movie which is the sequel to this one and I bet its going to be fantastic. Hibike Euphonium for me is a great musical composition through animation and daily human life as well. Music within drives the story from happy things to the most tragic ones and it will always be mysterious to our living. Its always been there for us indirectly within our feelings and moments for both musicians and people like I do. To conclude this I always tell myself this unanswered... Is music composed of more than just feelings and lives? What if music also portrays human living history and philosophy through playing even the simplest notes? You answer it through your own composition and that is your living with your lifetime decisions as you overwrite the notes in your irreversible staff. Be yourself. https://i.ur.com/4VNGM0x.png https://i.ur.com/C2wvyVU.png https://i.ur.com/3GqPe6z.png https://i.ur.com/SMtqwnW.png
99 /100
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