Hello and welcome to my first review, i hope you enjoy it and sorry for the misspelled words

So, first i will write a summary about what Mob Psycho is and tell what i thought about it


Mob Psycho 100 is about a teenager boy with telekinesis power and has emotional problems, he can't express his emotions very well bcs of his past (and well he is a teenager, you know what that means)
So he has somebody that helps him with his powers.

My Opinion: (My opinion will be divided in 5 groups)

The story is well written, it begins slow developing the 2 main characters first and then the problems begin to show up.
The story only takes it's own seriousness with Mob's emotional problems and some other characters development (the main point of the story), the rest is pretty much comedy, the timing of the comedy is really great (thx to Reigen too).

The art is really simplistic nothing that is really amazing, what is amazing is how they transferred the original art to the anime, it definitely looks better.
The art in most comedy scenes change from style which makes it unique and funnier. The best part of this anime is the animation though, it is super fluid, the fight sequences are most of the time great (some of them have an superb choreography).

Soundtrack/Voice Acting:
The voice acting in Mob Psycho 100 is really great, mainly for characters like Reigen, Teruki and Mob.
Now the soundtrack, beginning with the OP/ED, the OP (made by MOB CHOIR) was really great, one of the best, the lyrics match perfectly with Mob Psycho 100. The ED ( made by ALL OFF) song is awesome too, always ending a episode with this song was great.
The soundtrack made by Kenji Kawai is really exciting, the action scenes's soundtrack is probably one of my favs, it just hype up the scene more than already is. (video below is a example of the action's soundtrack)

The characters are well developed and are charismatic.
Reigen is that charismatic character that makes you laugh everytime but still gives good advices about life, Teruki Hanazawa is someone that wants to be on the top of the world but ends up being one good friend, Mob is someone that believe truly in his beliefs taught by his master Reigen, even though he is non-emotional most of the times he ends up being someone to like/love. Most of the characters are likeable.

I truly enjoyed this anime a lot, everything about it was splendid. I'm really hyped up for S2 after rewatching it a little before the first episode of Season 2. (Sorry if this category is short written, i don't know really what to type in here)

Overall it was a 10/10 for me (i notice that i give a 10/10 a lot but a rewatch would've made the score go down wiht most anime, but not with Mob)

i hope you enjoyed this review

100 /100
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