Hey everyone as you can tell this is going to be my first ever review of any sorts of anime/OVA/movie etc.I apologize in advance for any continuity or grammatical errors for i am writing this review out of the blue late at night. The anime well OVA that i am reviewing this time is something i really enjoy which is Persona 5As OVA Dark Sun.. I am going to be reviewing 3 major attributes of the OVA those being the OVAs way of storytelling the animation and quality and the most important attribute being how well did they actually adapt this arc. ALSO LET ME STRESS THIS OUT THIS REVIEW WILL HAVE MAJOR SPOILERS REGARDING LATE GAME STORY EVENTS IN PERSONA 5 SO IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED THE GAME I IMPLORE YOU TO DO SO AS IT IS A JPRG MASTERPIECE AND PERSONA VIRGINS BE WARNED Summary : The Dark Sun OVA is an anime adaptation of the Shido Arc and the mini Arc that precedes it aka the fake suicide arc as id like to refer to it and it tells the story of the Phantom Thieves entering Shidos Palace and taking on both the true identity of Goro Akechi which turns out to be the murderer that took out okumura and other characters important to the story and of course the man himself Masayoshi Shido well technically his shadow or whatever you get the gist. The OVAs Storytelling : So Dark Sun has a weird way of speeding through some of the important parts of the story while making space for other parts for example how they cut the scene of Ren and Sojiro checking out Shidos political speech while on top of the van preaching to the civilians of Shibuya and they dont stall on that scene for too long as the game did. But the pace does speed up in times it doesnt really need to but overall Dark Suns way of storytelling wasnt as bad and choppy as the animes Animation Quality : To start off id like to say that Cloverworks did a better job on the OVA than the whole Persona 5A anime which isnt saying alot but its still an improvement a minor one but an improvement nonetheless. But there isnt much to talk about other than the small improvements i mean they still used CG for the Shido Boss Fight it was hard to look at but not as hard to look at like the Kamoshida Boss fight and dont get me started on the Madarame 2nd phase CG or the Kaneshiro Piggy Bank CG either point is theyre all bad and it hasnt improved CG wise which makes me wonder as to why they used CG in the first place if they were gonna fuck it up this badly. On to the last topic. How well was the Adaptation ? In my honest opinion i think this OVA was a better adaptation than the whole Persona 5A although it did use CG for the boss fight and it was pretty rushed in some parts so if i had to give it a score from an objective standpoint and as a standalone adaptation and imagining that the Persona 5A anime wasnt a thing i would personally give it a 7/10. Thank you all for reading this far i wouldnt understand your reasoning for this i honestly dont but if you did enjoy this review i am planning on reviewing more anime this coming month whenever i finish an anime or whenever i have some free time anyways thank you for reading this review.
70 /100
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