Honestly it was one of those anime's at the start. harem with some ecchi and some story typical yes,but after getting some fan service out of the way it settles down and starts to focus on its story and main character rather well. starts off in the direction of getting over the stigma that has been with him since he joined the school. not by simply yelling at everyone while trying to prove who and how far he has come but showing them with every ounce of his character that he will become what he says he wants to be. this anime's imouto of the series is indeed fan-service but also has a legit reason as to why she goes so far to show her love for her brother, she also wants to prove herself to him as a woman with everything she has through her ambitions and love. the fact that her character development went in this direction instead of the super horny all over her big brother all the time is indeed a nice change of pace and makes her character that much more lovable. the main heroine is lovable and not overly tsundere(even if she was i don't care i love tsunderes but it can be a pain sometimes.) she is honest to her feeling to the mc while still being tsun tsun as much as she can. if i had to say what i wanted more of the series to have had it would be more explanation and training to the abilities of people in the anime. yes i could read its source material but as for a viewers experience its something that was lacking in the backstory of the anime. as far as animation goes 7-8 out of ten while it is not special in anyway i do have to give them credit for the animation that was done during the battle between his sister and her last match opponent. the battle was long enough to be enjoyable with some not a lot of explanation about characters moves and when they learned them. getting to the mc past they do focus on it at the start and talk about it throughout the show leaving it on the back burner for awhile but when it appears again it is driven home from start to finish with a 7/10 it could have been better by showing more of how he felt more anger more sorrow more hopelessness, add in more scenes of his past in the start and during the final arc and it would have felt more heart wrenching. i say that because it does do all those things and more simply just needs a few adjustments and it would be a better anime. my score is higher do to my enjoyment of the show my actual score is more a 8.5

95 /100
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