This review will contain Spoilers for the show At first I did not understand the hype surrounding this series. Yeah the plot and everything sounded nice but why did it get so popular? Well I learned that when I finally decided to watch this series and fall in love with it. MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD STORY: Season 1 of Attack on Titan is a nice introduction to the universe of the show. It tells us everything we need to know and it lays it out in such a way that is nice and comfortable to watch. Summary of the story for anyone that has forgotten: To start us off. Humanity has enclosed its self within walls to keep out the Titans creatures which as the name suggests are much larger and stronger than Humans. They possess a great threat to the survival of humanity. The show focuses on a group of friends: Eren Mikasa and Armin. Although the show does focus more heavily on Eren all of the characters present have a huge role in the plot. Theyre living their lives quite calmly... until one day two Titans manage to break the gates to the outer wall in which our heroes live. With no way of beating the numerous titans pouring in the City the retreat. Eren in the process loses his mother due to a Titan this is a vital part of the story as it build Eren with unspeakable hatred towards these creatures. Ever since that moment Eren and the rest have been training to join the Scout Regiment and defeat the Titans. After intensive training they manage to get to the top leads in the training group and join the Regiment. Filled with passion Eren tries his best to kill as many Titans during the new found invasion...he dies...but not really. It is later revelead that our boy Eren Yeager has the ability to turn into a Titan. Now he can trully be useful he can plug the Walls and even venture to his old house to find out the secret his father left him... All in all the way the story builds up along with the character and even how the atmosphere changes is trully magnificent. From the getgo this has managed to capture my interest and made me fall in love with the series. I cannot express enough just how much I love this show. 420 CHARACTERS: The character we get to see in Attack on Titan are very interesting and work really well in the atmosphere of the show. We have: Eren a young lad he is basically the focus of the show due to his powers. Though he mostly cries and gets kidnapped. His character is great he is very determined and tries his best which is something that I admire. The sheer will power he has is incredible. Mikasa a young gal she doesnt speak much apart from screaing EREN every now and then to check up on him. She is one of my favourite characters in the show she is the pure defenition of badass. The way she sets her eyes on a target and smoothly completes her task is to be awed. Lastly Ill be talking about Armin the character which does not really build much hype within me but still is an important part of the series as a whole. He is the brains of the whole show. Without him we wouldnt get as much plans. Despite his lack of strength I still do like him he is very determined on helping people as much as he can which always is a plus in my book AoT has many more characters all of which have important parts in the development of the story. Some have much bigger impact and some are just one off characters. Each and every one of them have their own personalities and back stories. With most of the characters we get to know their backstory which further cements their part in the show and in our hearts and thus makes the whole experience of watching much more enjoyable. 420 ART/ANIMATION: This show has great art and animation. It does improve throughout the various seasons but the one we see in Season 1 is also quite a sight to behold. In my opinion Id have to rate it above the average. The animations too they are very smooth and fluid. Well that is expected since a lot of the combat scenes have the character move in very agile and fickle ways which require such smooth animations. 420 MUSIC: Attack on Titan man it has a banger of an OST. Each and every song that plays throughout the show is so fitting for the scene which it resides in. They fill the viewer with the right kind of emotion for the scene that is about to unveil may it be sadness anticipation or even sheer HYPE The OPs too are bangers. They are up there with the SteinsGate OP which always manages to build up hype and nostalgia within me. The EDs too had and still do a huge impact on me when relistening to them. Much hype to be had. 420 OVERALL OPINION: All in all Attack on Titan is a series with amazing combat and story. Like with SteinsGate going back to comparing this to SteinsGate xd I do try to get people to watch this since it is such a great show. As I said in the very first sentence: I did not understand the hype surrounding this series. But after watching it I understood why the story and characters just the whole show in general fit together so well. Though I did give it 92/100 reason for that is...Season 3 is soooo good compared to this season. Note Tried changing up my style of writing a little bit. Hopefully it turned out alright
92 /100
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