This review will contain Spoilers for the show!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Season 1 contains Part 1 and 2. Keeping that in mind I shall first talk about Part 1.

Part 1 of JoJo, my least favourite part and sole reason I didn't give this a 100/100. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but compared to Part 2+ it is somewhat lacklustre. Though that being said it is important to watch Part 1 as it introduces us to the Joestars and the Dio.

The Joestar family has a strong connection to "Justice" and "Gentlemanliness", this is important since through out the series and especially this part we get to see our hero, Jonathan Joestar, fight the evil that has been activated by Dio.
To summarize Part 1:
The story focuses on Jonathan Joestar, a gentleman and the symbol of good. He lost his mother in an accident and got robbed helped by the Brando family. After few years and the death of Dario (Dio's father), Dio is sent to the Joestar abode where he tries his best to take down JoJo and get rich quick.... until a day that changed everything.
JoJo discovers that a Stone Mask they have in their mansion activates with blood, curious he decides to study it. That is the point in which Dio tries to poison JoJo's father, JoJo ventures to London where he meets best girl Speedwagon.
During JoJo's journey Dio decides to take a peak at his belongings including the notes on the Mask, curious he takes the mask and tests it out on some strangers on the streets, he soon notices them turning into vampires, this is the most pivotal moment of the WHOLE series, ever since the show gets its famous Bizarre twist. Jonathan meets Zeppeli and trains with Hamon to defeat the Vampires and now evil vampire Dio. (Yes I skipped a LOT but stay with me, I still gotta do Part 2 xd)

Moving on to Part 2, we are introduced to a new Joestar, Joseph Joestar is the main character of this one.
He is much more crazy and wacky than Jonathan but still has his iconic Good Nature just like Jonathan did. This part is the one that has dragged me deeper and deeper into the series.
To summarize Part 2:
Joseph Joestar goes about his life unbeknownst to him he posses the power of Hamon.
Joseph gets dragged into the bizarre world when get is told about Speedwagons "death" and when Straizo attacks him.
Ever since that points JoJo has been on the hunt for Speedwagon. He soon finds out he is alive in a Nazi bunker with this "Pillar Man". These humanoid creatures have incredible power and could easily wipe the whole human race off the planet. There is more than 1 and they have been taking a nap for 2000 years but are soon waking up. Ever since then JoJo has been on a hunt for the Pillar Men because of both bravery and bad life decisions. There was an issue... JoJo did not have the power to defeat all of the Pillar men therefore he had to train, his master being "Lisa Lisa". He only had a month to train due to a challenge he set up with the Pillar Men, he has one month to train and win a battle with them or else rings inside him would break and kill him. This motivated JoJo quite a bit. (I won't go into more detail, I think ya get the gist)

Part 1 of JoJo introduces us to many good characters and one of the best villains in the series.

Jonathan Joestar, the main character, he is a very Justice oriented Gentleman. He tries his hardest to bring peace and get along with everyone.
But ever since Dio showed up and turned himself into a Vampire JoJo has been hard at work to defeat him and all the evil he's managed to bring upon this cursed land.

Dio Brando, the main villain of the show, Dio did not have a good childhood. His father was an asshole and did not care for Dio. Because of that reason Dio has been an evil little soul who just wants easy money. Dio has shown us that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, he has done many disgusting things to piss off JoJo, like for example shove JoJo's dog into a furnace and let him burn.

Speedwagon, best girl. Speedwagon does not really have any kind of purpose in the first part of JoJo, he's just there to be the narrator. Though that being said he has shown deep respect towards the Joestar family and became the number one best girl because of that.

Lastly I shall be talking about Zeppeli, the one who taught JoJo the way of Hamon. He is a much more chaotic character compared to JoJo but still can keep his calm. He is very well versed in Hamon and too wants the Vampires and Stone Masks destroyed.

These characters compared to the rest of the series aren't that good, apart from Speedwagon, but they do serve an important role like I mentioned earlier. They show us just how Bizarre this show is and also show us the way of the Joestars. Without this part the viewers would be left confused as to what the ulterior motives of the Joestar family is.

In this section of the already long enough review I won't be talking individually about the parts but instead comparing them and giving some insight on how it is.

Part 1's art style and animation is the reason, in my opinion, that people turn away from JoJo. It feels clunky and looks a bit bulky. I personally did not have an issue with it when I first watched the show but looking back on it I get where people are coming from. In Part 2 the animation looks much more fluid and the fights are much more intricate, the art style too got a little upgrade. Going from mainly dark to more light colour pallete.
Both parts still do have the Super Muscly guys but Part 2 lessens that down by a bit, so although my muscle mass does not increase as much now when watching JoJo I do get some visually appealing fights with Hamon. The details, too, have improved quite a bit between the two parts.

I shall be doing the same here as I did with the Art/Animation section.

The OST of Part 1 is quiet and much more "Classical" (I suppose that description will do). This fits perfectly with the olden year theme that is going on especially when we get to the villages and castles that Dio has plundered.
The OST for Part 2 is a bit louder and more "Modern". Especially the track "Awaken" the theme of the Pillar Men. This song in particular is the pure defenition of Part 2.

Both of the OPs that play are very good. The songs and animation present are outstanding and to this day I still listen to them.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a series which manages to suck nearly anyone who watches it. Yes there are people who dislike this show but compared to the sheer amount of people who love this show they are quite small. I also keep hearing more and more people talking in real life about this show which indicated that it has hit the mainstream audience, say what you will about that but I personally think that this is great since it opens up more people to this cult fanbase of JoJo which is always great. Remember though, no Part skipping.

94 /100
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