I dont think I can spoil much but you still have been warned... I suppose. A show that I watched on a whim but was glad I did. PREMISE OF THE SHOW: Blend S...it doesnt really have a story. It focuses on Maika a young gal who stumbles upons a strange cafe. This cafe is filled... cute girls doing cute things. Each character works as a maid with their own trope Tsundere Sister etc.... There is some moments of Romance in the show which diverts us from the usual Slice of Life we all love. Thats about it. 420https://66.media.tumblr.com/044d37fc3d9dc3d6e01ade8f3a1deb38/tumblrp1hwq1fysY1tvv82oo1500.gif CHARACTERS: Blend S has many great characters as is to be expected from Slice of Life shows due to the fact that they dont really have stories xd. Each girl works as a maid in the cafe with a trope. Maiko Sadistic. Mafuyu Younger Sister. Kaho Tsundere. Best Girl Hideri Idol. Miu Older Sister. Each character funnily enough acts quite the opposite outside of their work hours. Maho for example is a cold blooded hunter who will kill anyone in their vicinity. This whole Trope Maids is the main selling point for Blend S and as said before its the reason why Blend S manages to stand out so much from the rest of the genre. It is quite fun seeing all of the different Tropes in a singular room having to interact to real people especially with Maiko due to the fact that she cannot be sadistic despite the fact that its her job. Most of the times Maiko is sadistic its a misunderstanding or accident which added to the fun factor when watching. 420https://media1.tenor.com/images/42bc878d50cff2f432b73cc42cd30426/tenor.gif?itemid=10374541 ART/ANIMATION: Blend S has decent animation and artstyle. The animation is quite average but the artstyle does look really nice and managed to capture my interest even more. This show likes to use a LOT of bright colours it doesnt overdo them. It uses them just enough to make the show pop out more with vibrance. 420https://media2.giphy.com/media/l1Lcl8SZmfeXUdSXC/source.gif MUSIC: Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service. I belive EVERYONE on planet Earth has seen this OP no matter if you watch Anime or not. This has been memed to hell. All of that aside it is quite a catchy OP with the animation and visuals being really good. Not gonna lie but I listen to the song sometimes due to the fact that it is so catchy. The ED is quite average if you ask me though no where near as catchy and memorable as the OP. The OST present in Blend S is decent. More on the average side but the OP manages to make up for that. 420https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ExcitableWickedHammerkopsizerestricted.gif OVERALL OPINION: Blend S seems like your average Slice of Life on the outside but manages to stand out and draw you in with its fun twist on the Tropes present in Anime/Manga community. I honestly did not think I would enjoy this as much as I did. Side Note Man writing stuff for SOL genre is quite tiring
76 /100
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