Welcome to my review of the second and (possibly) best season of Mob Psycho 100 so far.



This second season follows the same premise as the first season: Our main character is Mob, who is a teenager boy with psychic powers who will have to face the struggles of having desmesuring powers, as he doesn't want to hurt others or neither use them for selfish or malefic purposes, as well as other problems that will be presenting to him in his journey.

This second season takes a much more personal approach to character development than the first, developing not only Mob himself deeper, but also his "master" Reigen, having to know much more their problems and personalities. This development is executed brilliantly through all 13 episodes, leaving what could possibly be a room for a third season.



BONES. If that word wasn't enough, let's get deeper into it; unlike the One Punch Man 2 season treatment, Mob Psycho is still getting animated by the same studio this second season (studio BONES), and what a stellar job they have done with this one.

Character movements are fluid and expressive as ever, backgrounds are colorful and full of detail and life, you'll never see rigged still-talking scenes, the animation studio really outdid themselves this season again.



Mob Psycho has always stand out for it's amazing voice acting and sountrack, ranging from its amazing opening "99.9" by MOB CHOIR, and endings that change on the course of the season, to it's amazing battle ost and amazing voice acting putting some examples like the always calmed Mob to the always exaggerated Reigen voice. Also the sound effects are top-notch!



Overall, Mob Psycho 100 II is a perfect sequel, not only standing as a really fun show to watch, but also as a very emotional (and sometimes funny!) series that gets better an better with every episode.
I end this one review proudly giving this season a solid 10/10, and recommend it to everyone that still would have doubts on watching this second season, see you on a possible season 3!


100 /100
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