Can one even spoil Slice of Life? UmaruChan has a nice idea make an Anime that portrays your local gamer quite well...sadly the Main Character is unbearable. PREMISE OF THE SHOW: There is not much to say about UmaruChans story thats quite understandable for a SOL Anime and this does not mean that the show can be bad. SOL shows rely on their character cast and gimmicks. If the show has a bad cast and doesnt try to stand out then why even bother? Now back to UmaruChan. She is a High School student who shows herself as Elegant and Mature and even to a point of being inept at Technology...this is all a charade her true form and I do mean form is that a of a annoying Chibi rat with a hamster attire. The show tries to potray a Gamer and how they would behave in real life and in their gamer cave. To be honest with you I believe that this show did a better job showing the true gamer moments. Though the Main Character UmaruChan is the most annoying creature ever making the show very unreletable and not even slightly enjoyable. 420 CHARACTERS: So I already talked about UmaruChan. She is a High School student who hides her Gamer identity at school she is perfection but at her house she is the opposite with her crying whining and sheer mess of a life style. This character is one of the most annoying ones I saw she shows no remorse to the mental state of the people around her she wants something so she gets that something with the power of tears. Her portrayal of a Gamer as I said numerous times is quite decent to a degree her wasting her time away in games and buying a bunch of collectibles is quite true. The part that starts falling apart is when she goes on her fits of crying and rage when she doesnt get her Gamer Fuel Cola and Crisps. This aspect of the character is really off putting and just makes you look at ther and say What a spoiled brat. Pretty much everyone else in the show is a decent character though. Each and every one of them have their unique quirks. The brother is what you would call Normie he doesnt know much about Vidya Geamz and doesnt care that much he also is the one responsible for UmaruChan and her luxurious life style. Sylphynford is quite energetic she is the rival to UmaruChan gamer life. She acts like a nice lady but is quite dumb to say the least. If Im to be honest with you if she was the Main Character I would probably enjoy the show much more. This is something I can get behind an Energetic and less annoying version of Umaru. Nana Ebina best girl of the show the main reason I havent dropped it. She is quite shy she also lives in the same apartment block as Umaru. She is the nicest human in the whole show. She tries her best ot make everyone have fun but kinda struggles due to he intense shy behaviour. She doesnt know anything at all the Life of A Gamer but despite that she still manages to be one of the best. Kirie Motoba VERY shy. She has a gaze that people would call Deadly. People avoid her but she is quite a nice person. In the show she swears to protect UmaruChans Chibi transformation. She will go to great lengths to satisfy the needs of the monster lurking in the house that is UmaruChan. Quite a decent character if you ask me though her over attached personality kind of makes her not the best. 420 ART/ANIMATION: UmaruChan has quite the average animation its the usual smooth and yet sometimes choppy due to budget kind of thing we see from a lot of SOL shows. Though the art style does looks quite neat. The art style is nice and vibrant which makes us feel more energetic like the gamers we are. 420 MUSIC: The OP is....quite catchy actually. It has Umarus high pitched voice yeah but the beat and lyrics sound actually really good. Ive been listening to it a few times. The ED on the other hand...well it sounds...decent I suppose. Nothing that unique and quite forgetable. Its much slower compared to the OP and has normal vocals from Umaru and the rest of the cast but still just not as catchy as the fast paced OP. 420 OVERALL OPINION: Himouto UmaruChan is a show centered around the Otaku culture and more on the Gamer aspect. Its portrayal is decent to a degree at least in my opinion. Her addiction to playing games and collecting items is very true to me. But the part that really throws me off is the incredibly annyoing main. She cries and cries and rages a second cant pass without her crying or raging. If they toned down that aspect then I believe this show wouldve been a 6.8/10.
42 /100
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