• The art is somehow different, not that its a bad thing. Satsuki, for example, looks different and you cannot avoid noticing it. She looks less menacing and more cute, which completely loses the gist of Satsuki. In some scenes, Ryuko too does cutesy faces, which is OK seeing this is a manga and the artist has limited choices to convey emotions, but I just can't feel like it betrays the character's personalities.
  • The art is nice and it makes the whole ride less unsufferable.

    • The thing just fails at conveying some scenes the show relied on several times because it is not animated, though I can concede it tries it's best.
  • Although it tries being a literal copy to the anime in what story is concerned, this manga loses so much detail in comparison to the anime, when usually the thing you'd expect is the manga to anime conversion being lossy, not it's inverse. Interestingly enough, it adds its own parts from time to time, too.

  • The manga just ends in a cliffhanger. After the general elections, Ryuko just promises "she'll take all of them down". And that's it, we never learn about her father, about Nui, about the conquering of Japan's academies nor Nudist Beach. Kyruin Ragyo? Who's that? The manga never heard of her. I wouldn't even complain if the manga didn't mention or hint at those points, but it does. I just ask, why?

    • To top it, couldn't have chosen a worse point to end it at, just before it gets real interesting. And don't remind me the way it does, with a lackluster General Elections adaptation, that happens so fast it could win a race.
  • Character development doesn't happen, probably due to the plot and timing problems that plague this manga. Apart from the Fighting Club part of the story, the characters are static, probably because the story is so badly ported.

Overall, it just feels... dire. The anime is good, but this just doesn't do it enough justice, it can't even try and finish the story. Just go watch the anime (or play the game when it comes out if you want a fresh story).

If I had read the manga before ever knowing the anime, I wouldn't have touched Kill la Kill with a 10 foot pole, because this manga sure is lackluster. It feels rushed and made on a cut budget, despite the artist's best efforts. Sad, because it could have really expanded on Kill la Kill, a world that left so many possibilities for the artist, but this feels like just a product to piggyback on the anime's success.

25 /100
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