When I first began this anime, it had piqued my interest from the start just by how much potential it was given by the fascinating setting. A new continent "Magmel" had been discovered, which was full of all kind of varieties of beasts, to dangerous plants and who knows what else could be there. But in fact, the mystic part of it would make it exciting and make you curious about exploring the island and figure out new things as you move on. Of course, also all sorts of people wanted to explore this new continent to gain fame, discover new things that could possibly make them insanely rich. Here comes the "Angler" whose job is to save those who are stupid enough to get into all kinds of trouble over there. They also possess a really cool power which can pretty much materialize anything. Form simple blocks to something more sophisticated like big mechanic hands, even machinery was an option. It was kind of implied the possibilities where endless. Sadly we never explored it, and it was there from the start with no genuine explanation given.

As you might've noticed by my subtle hints, these possible ideas that could make the anime much more appealing and engaging were just dumped in the trash can and lost all its a mystic vibe in the process. Not to mention, even the character that could offer some form of entertainment. Were used once in their own respective one episode long mini-arc, given some kind of half-assed characterization that didn't do much really. Even then they were an uninteresting and a boring bunch from the start. In the end, they didn't serve any real purpose and just became a means to an end and nothing more. On the other hand, you had Inyou and Zero, who were somewhat amusing but nothing that changed the sad predicament we already were in. The story, in a nutshell, was episodic "monster-of-the-week" format or you could also say it was "which dumb person to save next." In other words, some idiot ventured into Magmell ended up endangering himself or someone else and had to call "Anglers" to rescue them from there. Inyou was one of them, and along with his cute companion Zero, they were up to the task.

However, we also gave us an absurd amount of whacky and useless filler episodes. When we finally got a random villain out of nowhere, he ended up being just plain annoying and nothing special too. It was a depthless effort to try and wrap up the anime, and make the ending give some kind of sense of closure. Most likely also an implication that time wasted up to this point was worth it. But I can assure that's not the case, it ended up being a complete waste of time. The foundation for some nice story-telling was ruined quickly in a matter of three episodes. The first few episodes were somewhat in the clear but were barely hanging on to cliff toward absolute ruin. Art and animation were also average and nothing special in general either. Though, If you want something similar than watch "7seeds" instead, that one was at least entertaining from start to end and had a lot of varieties of characters. Even if the execution and direction for both was undoubtedly a failure. However, stay completely clear from "Gunjou no Magmel," which indeed was a waste of precious hours of my time and thus you can just skip over it altogether.

42 /100
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