Every new season of Attack on Titan grows in many areas in an extraordinary way. The first one putting in more simplistic terms was simple and straightforward. Wall Maria was broken down by the Colossal titan and the city swarmed by all kinds of weird and bizarrelooking ones of his kind. Come to find out the main character Eren had the power to turn into one of these horrifying looking monsters. Then from there on its easy to assume everything that couldve transpired eventually followed by the season after when all these new elements started to pop out for instance learning about the titans real identity that broke down the wall. Not to mention all the signs at something bigger happenings in the shadow but still no good idea what it might be. This was also a time for characterization as we see them more thoroughly developed and can now feel more tightly connected to them. Then you have the season 3 where Attack on Titan grows to a whole new height. You get to see deeper into the political aspect and the titans are on the backburner for a while. We finally find out how they came to be and the puzzle pieces are finally starting to fit in slowly. There was also lightworld building to make sure the experience was even more fulfilling and satisfying. During the next part the biggest questions of them all are finally answered. Titans history among others is revealed and the mystery surrounding them. Although we still have quite a lot left to be exposed so the theorists and predictions are therefore again running wild trying to crack the code and form a solution to what we still dont know at the moment. As always from the startup till now Wit Studio delivers yet again. Its clear by how much passion and love is put into every scene. When its supposed to be invoking emotions if the situation is right you can feel everything from sorrow anger excitement confusion and varieties others kind of feelings. Moreover art is hugely detailed like you would expect from previous seasons and it meshes well with the different moods and vibes of the current view or position. Animation too is insanely fluid and crisp and there was not a single moment I taught it was feeling off. We had some small glimpses of not the best CGI but it didnt make a dent in entertainment value and was quite easy to overlook. Being a manga reader myself I can also safely assure you the pacing was impeccable and barely anything or if at all was skipped. On the other in comparison to the Uprising arc from part one of the season which was condensed somewhat but if you were to ask me this was a sound decision. It was profoundly political centered and if it continued to be just that the audience specifically a portion of the anime onlies or possibly even manga readers mightve liked it less. Of course thankfully I was not one of them and it was many that were able to appreciate its grace too. Like any other season we also had Hiroyuki Sawano delivers once again in the original soundtrack department with his undeniable impeccable and masterpiece of composition. The voice acting was merely outstanding too and I find myself just like any other season. Turning the volume full up during the intense conversation packing lots of impacts to have an even more chilling and exciting experience which never has failed me. Attack on Titan is no doubt something I would with confidence consider a perfect adaption up to this point. Its one of the best the anime industry has to offer and anyone would have a hard time denying it as a fact with the Final season thankfully set to be released during Fall 2020. The expectations are considerably high as you mightve expected. If the studio or hopefully Wit continues to deliver justice as it has been during all these years. You can bet it will be another unforgettable mindblowing and thrilling experience. Suffice to say my anime of Spring season 2019 and possibly the entire year is already decided.
90 /100
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