For those that have watched this and now read the manga: do you know if more episodes will follow? I mean they can gladly make 2 more seasons of 24 episodes each so why arent they doing it? They could make at least an extra OVA for us. ? For those that havent watched this: if you want to watch a harem different from all the rest then give it a shot. The animation is very good and the story amazing. The music matches perfectly the background. You may hate Yona at first but her character changes dramatically after a few episodes. There is a strong female lead just in case you are interested in this. No its not your classic romantic story where the prince in shining armor is a dude with an attitude. I know some people that didnt like her at first dropped the anime because of it. DONT DO IT Also there is a lot of action with fights and blood hell yeah. The characters are pretty funny especially Hak. ? It has an OVA which is just as good. The OVA has a plot. Its not just fanmade. It shows some stories from the Dragons. The balance between comedy and drama is awesome. There are serious moments funny moments and sad moments all of which will get through you. If you want to know what happens afterwards then continue reading the manga from chapter 42. The story becomes better and better and in my opinion they should have released more episodes of this. Even though its underrated its definitely one of my favorites ? Tip: Make sure you watch the anime first and then read the manga.If you do opposites you will get bored because the first 23 episodes may seem like a copy from the manga. After that it settles.
95 /100
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