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Konosuba, probably one of the few isekais that is actually really fun and good.

Konosuba focused on our oh so beloved hero, Kazuma.

He is ordinary NEET, playing some vidya in his room in the dark. One day he decides to go and get a new game when he notices a young lass in grave danger of being run over. Kazuma, being the gentleman he is, tries to save her. He sacrificies himself for her. He really is such a hero.

Oh by the way, the thing about to "run over" the girl was a slow ass tractor and he didn't even get hit by it he died from the panic that he thought he got run over.

Welcome to Konosuba.

Now that you know what kind of a show Konosuba is let get into the whole goal of the show. After being mocked by Aqua (the useless water goddess) he drags her into the new world and has to defeat the ultimate boss, the Demon King. After many days of struggling to find shelter and some food they finally manage to get a run down barn. Nice. Later on, Kazuma builds his Dream team and gets to work.

Konosuba is known for its great characters.

Kazuma - The main character, he is basically always done with life since he knows he won't ever be able to defeat the Demon King with the team he managed to scrap together.

Aqua - Aqua is a goddess, she can do 2 major things. Reserect Kazuma, and show her water fountain trick. She trully is the most OP goddess. Oh she is also an alcoholic and spends a bit too much on it.

Megumin - The pinnacle of the show, her explosions are just magnificent. She trained all her life just to achieve one explosion and then her body becomes so weak she can't walk. Trully an expert.

Darkness - The human shield. She loves being abused and hit hence she loves blocking attacks.

This amazing team will surely defeat the Demon King in no time. The dynamic between all of these characters is great. Each one is distinct and just overall fun. There are many crazy moments between them but also a few serious ones. Honestly this cast is great. Especially in Season 2, they start feeling like old friends to me xd

The art style of Konosuba is great, distinct and quite smooth (I suppose you can call it that). The animation is good as well. Not the best though.

The fights were well animated and a few other gag scenes. But overall its just your usual.

Konosuba has an amazing OP and ED. The OP is fast and catchy, it hypes you for the insanity withing the episode. The ED is calm and relaxing, it gives you a break from the chaos. A really good mix in my opinion. The OST is also really fun to listen to.

Konosuba is the type of show to draw you into watching more not becuase of the plot or the premise but because of the characters. The plot/premise has been done over and over but the characters. My goodness they are great. Especially that this is a parody they are turned up to 11.

90 /100
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