This review will contain Spoilers for the show PREMISE Oh boy where do I even start with this. This show. Honestly. So this show is supposed to be about a young lass who wants her Senpai to notice her feelings for him. The Senpai is thick headed though so yeah. Thats the sort of show we are dealing with right here. The story doesnt progress at all not even a nanometer. Its just: Setup for the skit. Repeat the punchline until end of scene Like for example the first episode it was just I made device to purify my piss followed by 6mins of drink it. I shit you not that was the whole skit. And even after the skit the whole relationship goal Ueno is trying to achieve doesnt move forward the very next episode just returns to its usual friendship status for all characters. Even the show Karakai Jouzu no Takagisan is much better despite having the same premise in that show we follow Takagi who wants to embarras her crush. We can see and feel that their relationship is getting stronger despite still having the same premise of embarrasing the other party. That is not the case with Ueno she starts something and when Tanaka does something romantic or close back she RUNS aways resetting the whole thing 420 CHARACTERS: Ueno has the most bland characters I have ever seen none of them are memorable. Especially Tanaka. Tanaka is so bland and characterless. He is just there you could honestly swap him with a bodypillow and the outcome would still be the same. Ueno does possess some character but all it really is is just screaming 24/7. Yamashita is super silent and always ready to report Tanaka for sexual harrasment. When she gets angry she gets angry. I think she is the one character I didnt really mind out of the whole show. The other characters appear like once in the episode for a gag and never return so there really is nothing much to say about those. 420 ART/ANIMATION: The art style is not bad it fits the Short Series aspect quite well. The animation on the other hand is not my thing. When their limbs were on the screen it felt off as if their limbs werent attached to their bodies at all. I also noticed in a few episodes the lips being way out of sync or just not matching what the characters were saying at all. But thats just a minor thing I suppose. 420 MUSIC: The OP is not bad quite catchy as an OP should be. The ED is easily forgettable epecially that it changes like every other episode. 420 OVERALL OPINION: Ueno is quite the generic concept with poor execusion. The characters are so uninteresting that we cant really root for them since we dont care. The plot is basically static which defeats the whole purpose of these skits.
20 /100
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