This is a review of the 3 episode special Noroi no One Piece. SPOILER WARNING This anime contains three episodes running for 8 minutes each which makes up for 24 minutes of run time. Its respective genres are Drama Horror Psychological Romance and Supernatural Horror being the focus. This special was released in the summer of 1992 alongside titles like Porco Rosso and Bastard Story 8/10 Each episode tells a different story revolving around the same concept a dress. The plot of every episode goes sort of like this... Main girl likes boy Main girl is inconvenienced dress magically appears Main girl uses dress scary stuff happens THE END. Episode 1: Girl likes boy boy is invited to party girl doesnt have nice clothes dress shows up girl goes to party girl is possessed and almost kills boy boy moves away girl is sad. Episode 2: Girl has what i can only assume is a father complex girl wants to impress dress shows up girl wears it dad says it is cute girl takes it off girl goes to bed girl wakes up with it on for the next 2 mornings girl goes insane mom goes insane. Episode 3: Girl likes boy boy move away girl is sad girl gets package from boy package says he wants to marry her girl puts on dress girl meets boy girl goes missing turns out the boy died in a car crash a while back. There is more than this to the stories but you can go watch them yourself. Characters 8/10 The characters are barely there I can remember being annoyed by the second one and thinking the third one was cool. I felt sad for the first one because the boy she liked liked her back but because she was possessed he transferred schools. The second one is kind of a dum dum she doesnt just burn the dress or try to get rid of it she just hangs it up on the wall despite it doing creepy things. The third girl is best girl out of the three shes a tomboy who is taller than average I was happy when her and the boy met but then thew narrator revealed that the boy died on the way to his new house. The side characters are pretty good one of my favorites being the little sister of the third girl she was funny. Animation/Art 8/10 Gets the job done and does it pretty well the show was produced by Kyoto Animation which is very cool. They animate roses very nicely. Music 5/10 theres like two tracks and theyre not very memorable but they serve their purpose. Overall 8.4/10 Pretty good show if youve got some time to waste. Recommended? Yes. p.s. the lipstick in this show is downright stupid.
84 /100
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