Disclaimer: I might edit review to correct grammatical errors. Also this is just my opinion dont take it too seriously Being a big fan of PsychoPass franchise after season 2 I was quite worried about the direction this series was headed. To me PsychoPass is one of the classical series last decade had to offer and a must watch for every crime dystopian and cyberpunk fan. However with season 3 and this movie I believe there is no need to worry. Even without Gen Urobochi the original writer of series. The season 3 proved that the staff of Production IG is more than enough to handle PsychoPass. Story: One of the reason why I believe writing the continuation of PsychoPass is difficult is because of the world build by Gen Urobochi in Season 1. This is not only its strength but its weakness as well since it restricts the new writers. Even if you want to break the rules one must understand the reasoning and meaning behind the rules and then break them. Gen Urobochi is great at creating worlds and even breaking them in a satisfying way. The season 3 of PsychoPass not only manages to bring in new content without breaking the world created in Season one but it also manages to close all previous threads that were left open. And unlike season 2 the season 3 does not become boring or repetitive which is a big feat in my book. It does soft retcon season 2 however it is continuation of Psycho Pass the movie and The Sinners of the System which serves as the setup to the events leading to season 3 Characters: This season introduces new main characters but it also involves the old cast as well. The new characters are fleshed out and on top of that the madlads actually fixed Mika Shimotsuki and made her a likable character. If you dont know what I am talking about Id suggest watching season 2. Actually dont because I believe it is pretty much useless now Visuals: The art style and animation has no compromise and even with heavy usage of CGI in backgrounds and Vehicles. The animation looks superb and CGI doesnt take you much out of experience. Final Verdict: I dont want to spoil any of season itself so Ill keep this review short. Though one think that would want readers to take from this review. If you are a PsychoPass fan. Do not ignore this season Skip season 2 as it is somewhat softretconned but before watching this season make sure to watch Sinners of the System and PsychoPass: The Movie. I hope you have great time watching this season as I had and thank you for reading my review.
85 /100
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