This was a completly pointless oneshot that served no real purpose whatsoever. You wont miss anything if you dont read it. Death Note: Tokubetsu Yomikiri tries to play with the idea of what would happened if Death Note was discovered in this day and age. In the age of social media and security cameras on every step of the way. We open up with Ryuk craving some apples and in order to eat some he needs to find someone who would feed him with them. This is even more stupid reason than I was kinda bored so I dropped the Death Note into the human world. At least the latter one has some payoff later on while this one has none. Well to get back to it Ryuk then decides that hell need someone smart and capable. Someone like Light Yagami. Enter Tanaka Minoru a superduper smart kpop Kira whos a borderline Gary Stu character. The only thing keeping him from being one is that his English sucks he got a low score on an English test. Not only that but hes also very unlikeable and I couldnt care less about him. Now some might say that you cant make a reader care about a character with only a oneshot but thats not true. Theres plenty of oneshots who have a very compeling story with likeable characters that you care about and the whole oneshot is even a few pages shorter than this one. So our boy incounters Ryuk and in the next few panels hes kinda shocked but after hes completly ok with him even tho he knows nothing about him. Hes acting like he already knows who Ryuk is and has no questions. Minoru just goes with the flow and the only thing he did to kinda push against it was when he decided to sell the Death Note. This is a different approach to what we are used to but just because its different it doesnt mean its good. For something thats playing with the idea of DN in todays world they shouldve gone with the basic approach aka with him using the DN while having to navigate throught this modern time. Instead of that we got to see Auction Kings and Ryuk dropshipping the DN to the winner of the auction. dont even get me started with who has won Theres also a few Kira fanservice moments same goes for Near who was the most useless character in this whole oneshot.
1 /100
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