Story 9: The bread and butter of this sequel as it should be. Contrary to the iconic 1995 movie the original Stand Alone Complex TV animated series featured a much more thrilling political plot that delved into the machinations of a cyberpunk world. And to continue this SAC 2045 does an absolutely stellar job at capturing your attention with its intriguing plot. The setting is not much different with the exception of new locales and that the time period is a little ahead. Every episode leaves you hooked on the premise that there is some organization/individual attempting to gain control in a cyberpunk world. The plot strikes a nice balance between exposition and action as there are philosophical/political discussions every episode just before or after an action sequence that compliments them much like the older SAC. There is really only one filler episode so the story does not wait for long at all. Its surprising to see that people are asking for more when this show borrows the same exact story formula of its prequel. Characters 9: Not much to be said about the cast since it is the same characters except for a couple new additions. Our beloved cast retains the now veteran VAs who still voice characters like Kusanagi Batou and Togusa. So it is still the characters we love being voiced just like they always were. Visuals 7: The problem child. Or that is what its being made out to be. In reality the new style is just adding on another texture. CGI in anime is very hit or miss and it makes people reluctant to explore new titles. In this case Production I.G worked with Sola Digital Arts to create a full CGI experience for the viewers. For a franchise of this magnitude this was perhaps a bold move. But for the viewer that is willing to take the plunge a new era of GITS awaits. The character design for the new Major is stunning only because Ilya Kuvshinov is the illustrator behind this new project. As for the CGI it makes the characters seem too smooth sometimes but that is maybe for the untrained eye which is not used to CGI. The animation is very fluid most of the time except when there are certain background characters. The fight scenes are a joy to watch because you can clearly see the detailed choreography. Minor grievances are the muzzle flashes of the guns and perhaps cars. Audio 6: Lets start with the opening. The OP is a rather large departure from the previous ones as it is the least bit cyberpunk and just sounds like modern rap with a bit of jazz. As for the ED its a polar opposite because it features more synth elements and is sung in a ghostlike voice. The OST is decent but it couldve used more diversity. There are still good tracks with one in particular sounding reminiscent of BladeRunner. Its definitely a more modern take especially when you hear the Drum and Bass during the action sequences sometimes. Enjoyment 10: It was truly a pleasure to be watching GITS again and SAC 2045 made me feel like this wasnt some milked project. I felt like I was watching SAC all over again just with a different story and look. Its astounds me how many GITS fans will not give this show a shot just because its CGI or because they hold the original SAC in such high regard that they cannot move on.
82 /100
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