I know many would be hardpressed to not admit that this anime is a chore and to some extent youd be right. Although I got interested halfway through the film it jumps ship early on when there are exposition dumps by characters that Im unfamiliar with. Besides the pool scene being memorable strictly by the location I could not remember what it is these characters said with regards to the plot. There was just way too much exposition to call this one entertaining. I will give Harmony credit in that I did enjoy its world setup had this movie been a fleshed out miniseries maybe I would have felt differently about its story. I cant fault the movie for taking such a bizarre concept and putting it into anime. The only problem is most of the concepts end up being a tell dont show. It wouldve worked in the source material because books are already text and bloated dialogue is needed for explanation. However if youre animating or even filming something cutting exposition down and focusing on visuals is whats going to make or break a film. For me I didnt end up loathing this film as Id envisioned. Its a solid piece and they have something. Just not enough of something for me to want to really see more of it. I liked where Harmony 2015 was going with regards to worldbuilding and I think once it gets past a boring beginning the true nature of the film shines through. If there is one decent thing I can say about Harmonys image its the animation. That being said the overreliance of CG in certain scenes is fairly distracting. There is so much that I wish was explored more within the context of the film it just feels like parts are cut out entirely and condensed. I just dont think the adaption of the book really did it justice to simplify the plot enough to be understandable. If you were to ask me to describe a memorable part of the film not involving dialogue I probably wouldnt be able to tell you. The same could also be said of the characters and their defining traits. Harmony just blends in with its surroundings hoping the viewer will find something noteworthy about its presentation. I dont know why people rated this one so high its above average at best only being memorable because its deep and thoughtprovoking most of these people probably have never watched Ghost in the Shell. The film in a nutshell is potential that is neither wasted nor fulfilled within the span of its runtime.
60 /100
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