This anime had a good storyline, the whole soundtrack was completely and beautiful. The soundtrack is personally my favorite soundtrack out of any anime I have ever watched. One bad thing about the show was the English in it, for some reason they had German voice actors instead of English voice actors to voice the Americans. I obviously speak English and I could barely understand the words they were speaking half the time. I believe this anime could have been expanded and more in depth but even so, it was a masterpiece. It is one of those anime's that you will remember forever. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already.

The characters are developed very well and you begin to become emotionally attached to each one. You learn the backstory to pretty much every character which aids in making you emotionally attached to them. Personally my favorite character is Nine, as for his and Twelves' wit adds a lot to the series. I sorta wish that we could have learned a little more about the main character.

Plot / Storyline
The storyline was a genius idea in showing the corruption of the government, this series could have easily had 3+ seasons but they decided to keep it short because it was already a masterpiece as it was. I personally loved the plot and the idea of this anime but I wish it would have been a little bit longer. At the very beginning of this series it seems as if the anime is going to be an anime about terrorism but trust me, it has much more to it even though terror is in the name. Every action and event that occurs has a reason in the end. I also enjoyed the art-style that this series had, it was very beautiful and different from the normal shows I watch.

The soundtrack to this series is perfect. I can pick any song from the soundtrack and I would love it, each song went so perfect with each scene it was played with. You can definitely tell that they put thought and effort behind the song choice. Personally this anime has the, in my opinion, the best soundtrack out of any anime I have seen so far. I can put the soundtrack on in the background and sit back and it would relax me.

89 /100
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