VROOM VROOM If you were to look at my completed list you would see that im a sucker for a good and unique moe.. And Bakuon Is no exception. Is a 9.1/10 too generous? Perhaps Im quite generous with these kind of shows but let me explain. From start to finish this anime made me have a permanent smile on my face. Dont expect a tournament arc or many races this is for the most part a highschool club moe. Its cute and funny through and through many of the jokes being very well written which was a surprise to me as this anime seemed so niche that I didnt quite expect it to exceed my expectations so much. Bakuon Is about a club based around motorcycles. You will watch as older members teach new members and watch new members get their licences. Youll see passion thrive and grow and youll see cute anime girls nerd out over motorcycles. There are also some lite supernatural themes which are more to be goofy and add to the lighthearted atmosphere than to add any sort of threat or layer of mystery to the story. Im not that knowledgeable on motorcycles so Im not 100 sure on the accuracy but from what I can tell they are very true to real life brands and bikes. If you are into motorcycles i couldnt recommend this anime enough especially if you like Japanese brands. Each of the main girls have a different bike from the four leading Japanese brands Kawasaki Honda Suzuki and Yamaha. Best girl uses a Yamaha youll see it when you watch the show for yourself. The art style is also surprisingly well done there are quite a few uses of 3D animation in the show they arent as masterful as say something like Girls Und Panzer but also arent downright offensive like the 3D animation KanColle or Hand Shakers. Its mainly used for situations in which characters are moving fast or a scene that has a lot happening in it. And for the most part is used for the background. It really didnt bother me at all because I was mainly watching the girls ride fast on their bikes and paid little attention to the background as it was moving fast and blurry to add the effect of speed. Some I didnt even notice were 3D until looking back on some footage from earlier in the show for inspiration for this review. The soundtrack is also pretty good. Its not a masterpiece but the end song.. A down right banger. This show is not meant to be taken too seriously so unless you are a hardcore motorcycle fan dont expect this show to hit very hard. But it definitely has a very lovable and relatable cast of characters. These characters share their passion and stories with you. And laugh with you. Its an adorable show with a cool motorbike twist. If you are looking for a fun but not too serious moe anime with a unique flavour.. Bakuon is for you VROOOOOOOM
91 /100
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