Justice is a weapon. It can be used to cause harm but it cannot protect or save others. Here we are again attempting to review shit wish me luck lads. . . . . Bungou Stray Dogs BSD is an adaption of the 2012 manga series of the same name being written by Kafka Asagiri and illustrated by Sango Harukawa. This 12episode run is the first season of the current three seasons out at the time of this review and my review will strictly be on the first season. 720https://i.yt.com/vi/tvHqaimwcKE/maxresdefault.jpg BSD is about an 18yearold orphan named Atsushi Nakajima joining the Armed Detective Agency basically a bunch of detectives with a bunch of superpowers called gifts. Excepts its more a less a gang war than actual detective work which isnt bad just something to take note of. Gifts have a more or less typical concept similar to My Hero Academia or any other super power based anime theres nothing too unique about it this isnt really a bad thing but the concept isnt really groundbreaking or anything though the idea of a detective agency with superpowers still sounds interesting enough to get me on board. Anyway its time to get to my actual opinion. I think Bungou Stray Dogs is interesting what I mean by that is it has a lot of potential but falls flat a lot in the first half of season 1. Granted they are just getting their footing and they need time to get into the flow of things but I just felt that the first few episodes felt disjointed. I wasnt really intrigued and nothing really kept my attention. Even the set up for later episodes felt kind of flat. A clear example is in one episode they hype up a character saying theyre super strong and such but the MC who cant even remain conscious while using his gift is able to have a fair fight with him? Granted they did display his power to an extreme before hand on people who either didnt have gifts or fighting abilities but to me its just felt kind of clich for the MC to just come with the whole I cant die here yet kind of vibe. But once again this episode did build up a lot of lore the following later half. Which I would say turns around at episode 7 this is where I feel like the story picks up its the first episode I felt fully invested in the characters and the stakes were felt especially one of the key lessons in the episode you cant save everyone or even anyone at some points theyre detectives not heroes. That theme plays out a few times throughout the season it gives the series a more realistic feel and I feel like that really works for it. This is helped by the characters. The characters are very well done they have distinct personalities motives and ideals when they clash its interesting and when their challenged its even better I think its well done even in early episodes which is always good especially since the plot is heavily character driven and for the second half of the season the plots very good in my opinion it all fit well together and the fight in episode 10 particular felt very satisfying though I feel like the antagonists motives in that episode came out of nowhere but that might just be me. 720https://i.pin.com/originals/da/20/64/da20647a4152e99f63a340810e5bdd33.gif The series is accompanied by an amazing OST in my opinion especially the OP and ED the OP having a hype start to the episode and the ED having a more sentimental ending. The art style has a lot of saturated colours and refined line work that really looks nice I really like what BONES have done but BONES being BONES of course its going to be good. 720https://66.media.tumblr.com/1a796c81de4f4c52032b7f2eb7620df0/cc52fdd2e690a43973/s500x750/e05b997e7568f9f04c9cf14403ec2111d6b0354d.png Overall it has a bit of a disjointed start which feels pretty mediocre but it flicks a switch half way and becomes quite a satisfying show
71 /100
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