spoilerfreee review The story is about a monkey that is very cooll because he swings in his swing. The birds and nuts and other animals are singing and dancing along to the music. The monkeys parents are going about their everyday life. Chopping wood and other tihings like that. Suddenly they see smoke in the horizon. There is a fire that is approaching their home and all the animals have to flee. They have to do whatever they can to escape from the fire that is rapily approaching their forest. In order for that to happen they have to work to gether so everybody can sefely escape. There are also other characters like the dad monkey and the mother monkey. Then tere is an old giant mouse who has a cane. There are also three caterpillars. The two small caterpillars ride on their mom/fathers back. The anime also has a very good soundtrack that is probably the best in any anime. There are also nuts and other animals that dans and sing along to the music. They are probably the coolset characters aside from the maincharacter who is obviously the best. They have to work together two escape the fire. The anime was in black and white and sometimes it was hard to understand what was going on. This might be due to the fact that the anime is very old. The things i liked about the anime is the fact that there are a lot of coool characters with their own uniqe personallity. The story is also very good even if the anime is short. Personally i will give the anime a 10 out of 10. I really feel like it is one of the best stories of any anime especially anme from that time period. The characters all feel like they add something to the story. Even though sopme characters arnt as cool as others they still bring something to the story. There is also no filler content at all. Every scene means something to the story as a whole and are beutifully shot. The plot of the anime is short and simple which is good because as i have stated earlier it is sometimes hard to understand what is goiong on. There are no subtitles as far as i know for this anime so that is something that can be a problem for some. It seemd like the creator knew what he wanted to do and had a clear idea of how he was going to do it. The music is fitted very well into the scenes and help further the plot. If there is a scene whtere there is something scary happening the music also becomes scarier. The sound effects are good and really feeel like they are supposed to be there. The anime quikly takes you into the action. The artstyle is very different from what you might see in other anuimes.The characthermodels look very cool and unique. They look very real and not drawn.
100 /100
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