When you opened this review a few questions might have passed through your mind. What anime is this? for the curious fellers innocently scrolling through the Home page. Whats this anime about? What makes this good? What makes this bad? What drove the writer to creating this review? Well my dudes and dudettes 600https://i.ur.com/mgcWslY.jpg Now when I say that this image perfectly encompasses everything this anime has to offer Im being serious. This image alone is everything this anime is built upon everything this anime believes and strives to become. This image is the anime. This anime is this image. Each episode or case file I should say follows a similar format as the first one. A client comes in with a jewel to be appraised but theres something very.. hmm.. mysterious about them wink wink. These mysteries however often stem from the clients personal situation and are only loosely related to the jewel itself. Everytime the client comes in we get more information about their mysterious situation. Often we see the client in public and talk more about their mysterious situation. Throughout the episode more people related to the situation appear and talk about the situation. Sometimes we even get advice from our friends as we talk about the situation. In the end everybody sits down has a cup of tea a nice desert and you guessed it fucking talks about the situation till we finally understand what the fuck is going on. Now despite how I worded that I do not say this with malice. In fact that is the beauty of this anime. It does not strive to be more than it is. It does not appear to be more than it is. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard is just is. Its simplicity in fact does not make it boring. This anime is charming in its own way and thats purely carried by the characters it portrays. Even beyond our main protagonists each client and case that comes in is intriguing on its own. Their stories often deal with emotions and troubles in character relationships. They come with fun times but often insight heavy selfreflection. In the end these clients are given closure but they dont leave stagnant but often with motivations that lead to action. That once off screen you know theyre actually doing things to better themselves. Almost every character has enough story and motivation to literally be their own main character and I find that interesting.It doesnt hurt that we also get some cool facts about gems along the way. And lets not forget our main protagonists. While Seigi and Richard both have different personalities they build off each other very well. You see them learn and often depend on each other giving the other support when needed. Even when they get into hijinks and situations they have this compatibility that allows them to work well together and further strengthen their relationship. Theyre half mentor/student half bromance relationship is interesting and one of the driving forces of this anime is seeing how it develops. However this anime like many does have its own flaws. I found the setting to be lacking and the story at times can have a weird flow. But its not enough to hinder the overall enjoyment. Pointedly there really isnt a lot of... action that happens. Like I said earlier a lot of this show is just people sitting down and talking. But I feel that what they do talk about makes up for it. In conclusion The Case Files of Jeweler Richard is what I like to call a chill watch. Not enough emotional investment or consequence to keep you on your toes but not too simple or boring that youre practically falling asleep. Something you can take your time watching. Sit down maybe with a cup of tea and just enjoy.
74 /100
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