FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE https://ur.com/Iq2tol8.png My personal opinion does not contain spoilers 300https://i.ur.com/1zsCARg.png Full moon wo Sagashite is about a girl who wants to become an Idol at all costs to fulfill her dream. But there is something in this series which outright surpasses any Idol anime Ive seen so far. I have a lot of mixed feelings with this anime thats why I am doing this review. The story centers on Mitsuki a 12yearold orphan girl who lives with her grandmother who doesnt get along really well and she Mitsuki has a dream of being a great singer. The cause of all this is because she wants to meet her childhood friend named Eichikun she is in love with him and wants to express her love with his songs unfortunately Mitsuki has throat cancer which is impossible for her to sing and despite that is lifethreatening due to cancer. That is why two Shinigamis called Meroko Takuto communicate to her in the first episode that she only has until spring after that her destiny will come that is why Takuto decides to help her fulfill her dream as a singer. That is why the genre Mahou Shoujo names in the tags since she transforms into a 16yearold girl named Full moon but despite that she can only sing with her 16yearold appearance thanks to the magic of the Shinigami Takuto. 400https://i.ur.com/2PQgOot.gif Perhaps all this sounds quite dramatic but it is not the case she always takes things easy and decides to sing to meet Eichikun somehow. But thats not all because the first episodes are about his path as Idol and becoming popular with his debut so the theme of death is not always present I would say that the first episodes are more of the slice of life genre than another thing. Nowadays Idol anime are not great they are usually normal and somewhat forgetful so this anime you will not see pretty girls singing many songs since this anime does not really have as many songs since it is focusing on other things which you will see later if you decide to see it. I can say with certainty that it is one of the saddest anime I have ever seen even more than Clannad Ano hana Your Lie In April.... The way they approach things together Takuto and Meroko show strong ties to the protagonist Mitsuki always trying to help her although their main purpose is to take their soul when their time comes. The Shinigamis can be quite similar to the American series The Fairly OddParents I really thought about that several times. There are enough episodes to love all the characters and hate other characters so you wont be short of episodes to enjoy as all the episodes were quite nice to watch. I say this but you may wonder but there are already a lot of anime that force friendship and everything feels very forced but this is not the case since the considered amount of 52 episodes makes everything take it easy and they can take that love to each other thus solidifying the relationship in each episode. Many episodes can be branded as filler but I assure you that this filler is the best I have seen as they confirm that it is even better than the manga since the manga is quite different so you should simply consider it as a great part of original anime. This anime requires patience it can be quite comical in fact many episodes are quite funny but there are also quite interesting themes. There will be moments of tension I assure you quite a drama that never becomes annoying. It has quite a few twists and the characters improve considerably in the middle of the anime I would say that this anime is quite beautiful and that is why I try to do this review to reach more people. Takuto Meroko as we well know and mentioned they are the fairly oddparents Shinigamis. Im going to write a little about them and some characters. Takuto is a young man who looks like a stuffed kitten so to speak his clothes are quite original hes a bit tsundere but hes actually a pretty good boy and always cares about Mitsuki sometimes he tends to be quite sarcastic what which is not bad but it is usually abrupt in some moments of the anime. He has a mysterious past that you will discover as the episodes pass so I can no longer tell you about him although he is also jealous. Meroko is a girl with pink hair who usually takes the shape of a stuffed bunny she is sweet she is quite admirable although she is quite a jealous girl and although it seems that she does not care for Mitsuki at all as they pass the episodes the character evolves in a very positive way she is quite important in this anime. 400https://i.ur.com/RNk1mzD.gif I could talk about quite a few more characters like Mitsukis grandmother she is quite distant from her even but all this is due to a trauma that she has that as the anime goes on you will understand better because it turns out to be so cold with Mitsuki her granddaughter. I could also talk about Madoka she wants to be like Full moon she is a bitter and cold girl we could call her the envious of the anime since there will always be someone who is quite abusive I cannot speak more about her but I liked her plot as character. With this I want to end the review saying that Full Moon is a series that after so many years is worth watching since it is not your ordinary Idol anime in fact it is the best anime I have seen in years you will probably enjoy this series as it is too touching for all audiences since it does not really matter if you are a boy or a girl despite the fact that it is an anime directed at the audience of young girls Shoujo. But I assure you the experience will be great. 400https://i.ur.com/vJV2hk8.gif Thank you for read it And yes I cried a lot
100 /100
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