Lovely Anime This anime is the perfect mix of things youll need if you enjoy Yuri/Fantasy anime They dont go over the top like in some other Yuri animes this one is more of a comedy Which I personally really enjoyed. The characters have so much detail in them and they each have their very own personalities dislikes likes etc. No character is the same For example Kanna Kanna is a adorable dragon in the show Shes softspoken and most of her thoughts are shown through motions actions and very short clips of her speaking. Shes 7000 As a dragon but acts exactly like a 5 to 7 year old child. Tohru Tohru was raised to hate humans and was supposed to be a fierce and dangerous force of evil with nothing other than destruction in mind. However this all changed when she met Kobayashi. Overall Tohru is warm loving and responsible. Koybayashi Even though Kobayashi maintains a cool demeanor she has been regarded as kindhearted and reliable among her friends and colleagues. Levelheaded and pragmatic she stands as the source of reason when dealing with her dragon friends. Quetzalcoatl Nickname Lucoa She is a calm easygoing and laid back dragon and has much better perception when it comes to what consists of normal human behavior except perhaps for Elma. However she easily gets flustered if her past is mentioned Moving away from the characters for now the overall anime has so many great details and so much is shown in it that makes it automatically puts it in my top 10. Examples adorable scenes of dragon playful fights cute eating scenes etc. This anime gets even more points in my opinion because the girls have love/hate relationships with eachother. A few times Tohru does foolish things only a dragon would do and sometimes she really does help Miss Koybayashi did accidentally hire tohru after all as said in episode 1 so they didnt exactly have time to know each other beforehand. Personally I think that small detail really changed some things They didnt know a lot about each other which resulted in Koybayashi and Tohru to have small scenes together Which I thought made a small difference. To end it off here this anime deserves more in my opinion. Its unique and adorable. From the characters to the plot even all the way down to the art I cant say I regret watching this anime Honestly I would consider rewatching this Even just rewatching all the adorable scenes make me love the anime even more than I already do If youre deciding whether to watch this anime or to skip it reconsider and watch it You wont regret your experience with this anime Overall I think this anime really had a lot of effort put into it and is a anime that is worth watching.
100 /100
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