A Masterpiece Cockroach Calisthenics Cockroach Calisthenics is a 2017 Action comedy romance drama set in an unknown world. This show has transformed and revolutionized my way of thinking. the way they dance without a care in the world symbolizes our strive and need for world peace. Gokiburi they chant over and over again as they dance in a circle this means cockroach which is a cleaver call back to the name of the anime Cockroach Calisthenics but what does this mean? Well we have to ask ourselves what does cockroach mean? A cockroach is an insect despised by many they are called gross nasty and dirty. This says a lot about our society the people dancing and working towards world peace and the unification of the world are being put down being called cockroaches the scum of the earth. This however does not deter the dancers as they take that name and wear it with pride showing that no matter what they will not be put down from their dreams. We see this with cockroaches in real life they can survive almost anything the world throws at them. This brings us to the question why? What is the meaning that the Cockroach want us to see and why? Since the dawn of time we have repressed and needlessly killed not just cockroaches but our fellow man. We have gone time and time again trying to get power and not accept what we already have. The cockroaches dancing around needlessly chanting their name with pride truly symbolizes the acceptance of what you have. They dont need anything in order to be happy in this unforgiving world they just need to be able to dance and express themselves. Yet we look at this piece of art and only see trash dancing around on screen we only see what society has told us to see and we are unable to look past our views to see what is really going on in front of us. This leads us to the final act of Cockroach Calisthenics. During the final act of Cockroach Calisthenics the screen starts to violently flash many different colors causing discomfort in many viewers watching. This shows many things about us and who we are as a society. This is a way of the Cockroaches getting back at the viewer for looking down at them as they try to live out their day to day lives. We judge and put them down but we really just dont understand and are unwilling to learn from their example. Cockroach Calisthenics is a masterpiece I have not seen a piece of media like it ever in my life time. The show encapsulates our journey and bias views against things that we see below us. We dont take the time out of our day to emphasize with anything we think we are better then. The cockroaches want to live out their daily lives in order to be happy but we as the viewer get in their way and judge them for it so in the end who really is the cockroach?
100 /100
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