1/100 rice planting is something I watched out of boredom to up the count on my completed list. To the best of my knowledge it was created to advertise that you can buy what was used to make the stop motion anime and create the scene yourself. The models seem of an acceptable quality base don the anime. I think that stop motion is a perfectly valid medium animation but for this particular one as well as its related 1/100th scale counterparts which are much more bearable to watch for their brevity to be listed as an animation on a website like this still feels strange. The anime itself is roughly 10 minutes of silent stop motion beginning with the extremely sped up building of the models into proper form before they proceed to place tiny fake rice plants are painstakingly placed with care on a blank white rice field. The camera switches angles as this process continues to unfold. The only slight deviation from the process of rice planting is things like barely noticeable appearance of ducks walking along on the sides of the field and a credits sequence featuring every paper? or possibly plastic model used in the video doing a like idle animation. It features some random footage of production along side the actual text based credits including some real life rice planting. Needless to say its rather boring. I dont think it would feel quite so unbearably dull to sit through though if they had just added sound any kind of sound like even ambient noise one might hear while working in a field. I suppose it was simply meant to appeal to people who enjoy putting together models and show what it would be like if they were in motion. Theres very little if any entertainment value for probably most people who watch anime looking for a story because there is none no story no music no conflict barely any color even. 1/100 rice planting simply offers the experience of a rice planting on a 1/100 scale nothing more and nothing less. Its not bad and clearly a lot of effort was put in for the animation to be as smooth as it is. Its just the subject matter isnt much better than watching paint dry. Spare yourself the trouble and skip this one. Unless you really want to up your completed number and are willing to trade like 10 minutes of your life to see it go up by 1 or are just really really into stop motion even if its completely silent. I wouldnt recommend anyone watch this. 5/10 for effort would never ever take the time to watch in full while trying to give it my full attention again. If you find yourself dying to watch it somehow anyway it can at the time of writing this still easily be found on the TERADAMOKEI channel titled TERADAMOKEI PICTURES 1/100 RICE Planting.
50 /100
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