All spoilers in this review are marked In this review will mainly be focusing on the plot so many preexisting things like the amazing OST will sadly be glossed over Gintama is a comedy. I dont think this statement is very controversial and most Gintama fans would agree on this. For its first 300 episodes Gintama was an amazing comedy with some serious episodes peppered in to keep the show going. For the majority of Gintama the biggest worry for Odd Jobs Yorozuya is paying rent. Gintama did have some great arcs season 3 was a shock to many with it being a jampacked array of serious arcs. Serious arcs in such quick succession were different to the arcs of the past that while incredibly entertaining had been 4 episodes at most. However other than that Gintama is undoubtedly a comedy. This season is when this changes. But not immediately the first arc the time stop arc being some of the best comedy Ive ever watched letting the audience know that they can expect the Gintama standard and perhaps even something better. The third episode is hilarious developing Yamazaki further the fourth episode has no development but its incredibly funny the fifth and sixth episode are a hilarious arc which gives insight into the backstory of the characters and the seventh is an amazing HijikataGintoki episode Do you notice the trend? Every episode is comedy other anime could only dream of if I had to describe everything we would be here for a very long time but you get the drift. This season keeps the Gintama standard of amazing comedy plus great worldbuilding every episode. This season is when we say goodbye to that. 260 episodes. 260 episodes of buildup some direct some small but all building up to this the day when Gintama flips the switch and becomes serious. I was excited when it was announced at the end of episode 299 but I was worried. Gintamas serious arcs were amazing but everything was leading up to this if it didnt work well then it would be a waste of such welldone buildup and worldbuilding. Safe to say my doubts were proven wrong each episode was incredibly entertaining with enough twists to fill up a bakery. There are so many good things about the switch flip that Ill have to separate them. OPs In terms of symbolism these OPs are on the smaller side maybe making it less enjoyable for the OP enthusiast. However in terms of hyping the viewer for the episode they are flawless. The only word I can use to describe what the OPs made me feel is euphoria. For the hype junkie these OPs are up there with the greats The guitars at the beginning of this OP make me jump with joy This OP starts of relaxed but an alternate version made after the switch turns it pure hype for whats to come Arc 1 Even disclosing the name of this arc is spoilers so gloss over this and arc 2 if you havent seen the show. Arc 2 That said Gintama isnt for everyone the comedy is different to almost any other show and some may not like the amount of comedy I would highly recommend it but know that some may not like it Overall this is some of the best anime you will ever see in any show it wouldnt work but Gintama pulls off a tone shift which any other series could not pull off. Gintama season 4 starts off as an amazing comedy and ends with an epic spanning through almost like 4070 of the established cast in order to tell an amazing story. If you have not watched Gintama or havent gotten to this season yet please change that. After this season Gintama has cemented itself as my favourite of all time
100 /100
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