Shafts polarizing masterpieces have always piqued my interest. The thing is Im personally not into the Monogatari Series. Its clever in so many ways making it probably the best Ive ever seen. But despite how amazing it is objectively it never won me personally as much as Bakemonogatari despite Bakemonogatari being the series introduction. It also felt like the series was just a continuation of what made Puella Magi Madoka Magica great. Shaft studios message worded as we are still alive creating stories of deep thought and abstract playwright. Despite being eager to see each episode it felt pretty much the same. And the reason was it was just a very long novel. The what have I learned today? becomes could I remember everything I learned? And no I couldnt remember any because it felt like every moment was significant so much it becomes a new normal instead. Kizumonogatari breaks it down and decides to change the narrative. The entire film was never spent on thoughtful dialogues but mesmerizing art. How does changing the core of the series make it better? Thats wrong the core of the series never changed in this film. Instead they managed to answer this one question: How can it get any weirder? Introducing: CG Photorealism. As the scenario of answering that stupid Quora question with you cant do that photorealism is photorealism and anime is anime. And yet here we are: playing with the formula. Its what drew me into Monogatari entirely while preserving what makes Japanese animations. I doubt this is the first time weve seen attempts like this. But that doesnt mean alienating potential because its not new. Theres simply no such thing as what is unique but rather which makes unique combinations and it hits home. And its not just the third Kizumonogatari movie. I am talking about the trilogy as a collective. And it makes sense: instead of focusing on mastering the pacing they decided to do it the Monogatari way. Its as if youre listening to an Audible but pulling the attention with a very distinct alternating voice pitch and keeping it up for the rest of the book. It also finishes where we left off from Monogatari with a new realization no tradition was changed. Despite leading us to that conclusion until this particular movie it was able to deliver the message that nothing was distinctively interesting with the series its simply the same medium we all know and love. And yet everything is still intact. Its just amazing in every way except for being light. I had issues getting this to work with my rating model because it was limited to anime films and not CG films. And so its on a perfect score but it describes this film. It is perfect and will keep that way until directors find a better formula. To simply tell: It is Monogatari more specifically a repeat of Bakemonogatari. It feels new again and Im glad to have experienced this as someone who would have instead preferred consistency. Remember that nothing has to go by rules unless it cant break the barrier of what makes anime the most experimental yet structurally sound type of medium Ive ever experienced. I am looking forward to the future Monogatari seasons and potentially new Shaft shows.
100 /100
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