Review contain spoiler scenes 8 years after Tari Tari Masakazu Hashimoto returned to the adjoining role of screenwriter and director. Its time to break off the series of unsuccessful animes by P.A.Works Studio. By changing the original concept of sports and adding personal interest racing the director made a anime filled with templates but nevertheless pleasant. After the third episode the show went on a break because of Covid. On return the fourth episode delighted with a moment from Takatsugu Umeda an effects specialist. The end of the 19th century a race through the territory of the still wild West. Although the historical setting here takes second place giving way to a fun adventure. Appare Senkuu makes a carboat invents segway a samurai friend beats off a bullet with a katana and participates in a cucumber cutting competition. A fleeting meeting with Thomas Edison a visit to the American hot springs an adventure generously for fun. General absurdity is quite entertaining and most importantly does not cross the line of tolerable absurdity. And all this with the support of good animation. I have no idea how hard it was with this design The design turned out to be unsuccessful. Trying to keep up with the general atmosphere it came out overloaded too bright and repulsive. Like does MC really need these bandages aquagrim? The backgrounds were not impressed. There is a lack of Higashidzhi Kazuki a frequent participant in the PAs work. 1980 The backgrounds of Easter Studio are not bad either but they still cant reach him and in the spring season they had a bigger job. It wasnt bad in general such an ordinary anime the plot of which you have seen more than once in other guises but it knows how to entertain and does it. Next in line for the studio is a new project of Maeda Jun which will definitely be more popular. Appare will be forgotten but I would like to note that this is the first successful original project of P.A. Works after the unsuccessful two seasons of Fairy Gone Irozuku Sekai and Sirius the Jaeger 1980
70 /100
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