Its a great show. I grew up watching it and it was actually my very first real anime before Fullmetal Alchemist which started my whole anime life so I guess that bias is to blame but if I had to explain why for those who havent seen it then its pretty simple. You dont see stories like this these days anymore. Lots of shows out there are pretty bright and have definite endings or linear storylines. Theres nothing wrong with that but because theres an abundance of preferences for decent and acceptable good endings that make sense or just linear and slightly predictable stories stories like this arent given much attention so I personally like how Wolfs Rain is different in that its completely not like any of those. For short I guess its a story that just doesnt outright say what it wants to say and doesnt show it in selfexplanatory ways. Wolfs Rain follows the journey of four wolves in a dying world who are in search of paradise which is believed to be open only to wolves who are known to have long been extinct but the problem is they arent the only ones searching for it. There are others who are desperate to get it as much as they and yet these people fight against the grain aware that they cant attain it. One thing Im sure about when it comes to this story is that it will leave you thinking a lot and that can outweigh a lot of the storys flaws if you let it. The show isnt perfect for sure there definitely are times youd wish they developed a character more or lengthened arcs or added more scenes to fully flesh out and realize the story to help build it up some more and make a greater impact but the whole thing including the lore and the world is interesting in and of itself. Aside from this the characters grow on you as time passes some youll like instantly some youll need more time to understand. I like to believe each story has something it wants to say and even with the flaws you can see that Wolfs Rain does have a message it wants to share. There are so many anime out there that give you a linear type of story ones that are predictable or maybe share the same ending but done differently. Someone said it in writing once before I dont remember who but they said: endings are the same however you slice it. They are either fake/deliberately fake and either attempt to deceive others or motivate them with excessive optimism. They go on to say how the only genuine ending is how all the characters only die in the story. In some ways I do see where this person is coming from and its one explanation for why I like Wolfs Rain. I guarantee your curiosity will be piqued because it also was not what I was expecting. I say Wolfs Rain is interesting because its as I said earlier in this review you just dont see stories like this these days. Its got something different in store so if youre up for that and dont mind being made to mull over it for a long time and if you dont mind looking past its flaws for a bit you might want to give it a shot I give it an 80 cause though I like it a lot it definitely still could have been made even better But its nice to add it to your list different can be good and theres always something to take even from a story thats not all perfect.
80 /100
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