I found this movie because I want to watch every studio ghibli movie. This was listed as their first one ever. The story itself is very ghibli with no real plot or drive for something just characters going about their day to day life. Except in this movie the characters happen to be a girl and two pandas. Now the English dub is funny as hell. The big panda sounds like Patrick from spongebob. The voice acting definitely isnt the movies strong suit. What I see to be the strong suit are its animations. For me I love when the animation is either extremely detailed and refined e.g. no game no life or basic and older like in this movie. All the frames flow very well and the screen is appealing to look at. Nothing is sharp and everything has smooth visuals something I would consider to be a strong point. Now the story is just that this little girls grandma leaves for a few days and pandas that escaped the zoo move in with her. Its simple but somewhat enjoyable. You can see a lot of future ghibli concepts within this movie. It has a strong female lead its slice of life with a little extra zest and of course the beautiful artwork. its an ok setting a little lackluster but enjoyable enough. Art 8/10: as I said before Im a sucker for more retro art styles in anime and this one is also fluid props to these guys. Overall 5/10: Im going to give this a 50 because while the art was indeed strong everything else was just sort of average it was an ok time if youve got any time I say go for it but dont expect too much. Its a fun story about two pandas and a little girl nothing more nothing less its fun if you let it be just lay back and turn your brain off.
50 /100
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