thats my first review in english so... sorry for the mistakes Yuru Camp 220 the meaning of a relaxing watch you may think that this could a slow paced anime but not its just perfect and COMFY the character the story the OSTs the animation everything so COMFY you cannot watch this without a smile on your face like Nadeshiko its just everything so happy and COMFY. The story is basically 5 school friend that likes to camp saitou too and thats it haha but fits you in phenomenally its just too smooth and soft and relaxing and COMFY. The characters 220 1. Shimarin gonna call rin like that hihi: the pro camping girl who likes to camp alone and have just one friend saitou until the show begins her personality its like that sasuke character doesnt show many emotions but its a really nice person and has a little development during the anime. 2. Nadeshiko: the most pure and happy girl in the history of animes you cannot see her and not smile she transpires good emotions so truthful and its her who changes Shimarin makes her like camp with other people and its her too who gather the group to become friends so all could camp together. She also its like that shounen protagonist in the good way happy and eats a lot. 3. Ohgaki: The founder of the outdoor activities club with Aoi Ohgaki is the clown of the group who jokes the most making a contrast with the appearance being that type of character who uses glasses. 4. Aoi: The founder of the outdoor activities club with Ohgaki Aoi is my favorite character she has some kind of Shimarin and Nadeshiko personalities being the most adult of the group who seems to be more responsable and yeah she is really the mix of those two haha 5. Saitou: i think she is the girl who less appears but she is cool too because she is a combo character comes with the Chikuwa a Chiwawa. The OST and the animation 220 THE OPENING so energic and beautiful the rythim is exactly like ABC from the jackson 5 haha fits perfectly with this anime. THE ENDING so calm and beautiful brings the sensation of a real camping fits perfectly with this anime. THE OSTs so camping like the osts from One Piece its so pirates this is so camping. The animation itself is nothing too special but for a anime from that gender its very good soft and all. The scenes of Nadeshiko and Aoi smiling is simply perfect warms your heart. Conclusion 220 i really loved this anime ive only not favorited because the story its nothing special like Sora Yori but if the season 2 and the movie be on the same level from the first season im gonna change my mind. I realized that that was the most COMFY anime ive ever saw when i noticed that i was smiling while watching hahaha specially when Nadeshiko and Aoi appears. if you are in doubt of this worth or not worth to watch im just gonna say that you should not expect something masterpiece but if you want to relax and watch with a hot chocolate and a blanket this is the perfect anime for it
80 /100
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