SEX MANGA REVIEW A story about a boy who meets a girl and the hilarious wtf logic that ensues a girl exposes her body underneath her torn clothes to an unknown boy. Unbelievably the boy manages to convince the girl that its necessity for them to have sex because shes the source of his sudden arousal. Sex Manga is an intriguing social commentary that tackles mens impulsive sexual nature and womens naivety in relationships indulging and rationalizing his desire to be her duty that needs to be fulfilled and imposing their preconceived notions against each other. 220 220 Whats interesting is the mans integrity and honesty that lead to a successful and bountiful relationship by eloquently articulating his case. Good communication is all you need. I always find it funny how Japanese media portrays their sexual perversions and fantasies. 220 220 This 8page oneshot manga delves into sensitive topics like consent vs harassment attraction roles in sex domination and submission and decisiveness in youth. 220 220 I also recommend a similar manga Sore wa Tada no Senpai no Chinko that illustrates how youth especially females perceive genitalia and stigma experiences for intimacy but instead of hilarious exposition you get bizarre imagery. 220 Thanks everyone for reading this review 220 220
100 /100
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