I probably should have noticed from a mile away. Its interesting premise of a mysterious girl followed by slice of life episodic episodes until its big twist and pandering for a few episodes until the story gets wrapped up quickly to its emotional end. But instead of an enjoyable experience all you get is a bad taste in your mouth because you realize what was the point of this show? Oh is this another Charlotte? This was probably the one show that I REALLY wanted to like this season and at the same time the largest disappointment this season. Everyone already knows the creator behind this anime Jun Maeda his other works such as Clannad Angel Beats and Charlotte and even the formula he uses to create his material: the first half of a show is to introduce the characters the premise and exploring the premise in interesting ways. Then in the second half pull off its twist and end with its climax scene to get the audience emotionally invested into the show. Even though this worked for shows like Clannad and Angel Beats because of the setting and slowly builds up the setting over time with a natural progression into its twist for shows like Charlotte and his newest work Kamisama ni Natta Hi or The Day I Became A God doesnt have this clear natural progression and forcibly takes us from the first half of the show into the second half of the show while interesting characters lose their initial traits and ends with a poorly executed twist because of how poorly the buildup to that climax was written. As said before the first half of the show is dedicated to introducing all its characters explaining the premise and exploring the premise in new and interesting ways. To start off with Kamisama the premise is nothing we havent seen before. We get introduced to our generic protagonist boy who acts as our standin character and our mysterious girl in this case Hina Sato a selfproclaimed God Odin. And this mysterious girl just like other mysterious girls weve seen in other anime has the supernatural power of predicting pretty much anything correctly. We follow their two adventures with other introduced characters such as the boys childhood friend his crush his little sister some horny TV host but more interestingly Hacker. But unlike Maedas other works where even the episodic nature of the first half of the show was interesting and brought up interesting points about its premise even if one of the shows Charlotte pulls off its awkward twist that disregards the first half of the show Kamisama had almost none of that and at times the episodic plot doesnt align correctly with its premise. Even if some of the episodics were somewhat entertaining and stupidly hilarious at the same time such as the beginning episode with the horseracing and the shogi episode the one episode and probably the most popular episodic that didnt make sense was the sixth episode where we get the protagonists crush and she manages to make contact with her mother through some makeshift telephone that has access to the afterlife and ends with a discount Violet Evergarden episode where the father and the daughter get together and watch a series of video tapes at certain times as a farewell message before she passes away. At this point of the show we should already be convinced that Hina definitely has some supernatural powers and can even be considered to be a god because this is utterly impossible because it surpasses the realm of possibility. However we learn later on with the shows twist that she was just sick and her grandfather implemented a supercomputer that allows her to make insane calculations in her head. Although the horseracing episode and the shogi episode make sense because they have bases in statistical probability and calculations this doesnt make sense. No supercomputer no matter how powerful can contact the dead. And if the writers expect me to believe that this was a superduper powerful supercomputer that can do anything oh please theres better plot consistency in The God of High School because at least Im expecting everyone to have supernatural powers even though its not explained at all. Even though the first half of the show was very hit or miss because of its plot consistency and its general entertainment value in Maeda fashion everything falls apart in the second half of the show. Our big twist is that Hina was suffering from a deadly terminal illness and her grandfather implemented a supercomputer inside her to keep her alive. A large corporation soon learned of this technology in Hinas brain and decided to capture her and surgically remove the computer into her brain. The protagonist tries to open up to her and finally does in its emotional end badabing bada boom the end. Although Ill appreciate the transition was a little smoother than Charlottes transition but is that even an achievement? because we get a few episodes revealing Hinas secret the worst part was that all the characters in true Maeda fashion lose all their character traits and plot relevancy in the second half of the show minus the protagonist and Hina. The supporting cast are all irrelevant to the point of calling the protagonist at the end to supporting cheers of never give up and please bring back Hina But probably the worst of them all is the most promising character of the bunch Hacker. He was introduced as almost a rival to Hina and his small bits at the end of each episode we learn that he is a genius and a supercomputer himself just not as powerful as Hina. He spends time trying to discover the grandfathers secret and his work and discovers Hina and her powers. But at the end all we get is a sobstory of how he was mistreated and abused as a kid and ended up simply being a stepping stone for the protagonist to go meet Hina in the hospital. After that he loses all plot relevancy and we never see him again. Even the protagonist himself ends up becoming really annoying during his hospital stay as he tries to open up to Hina. He never learns or accepts that Hina is in a terrible mental state because he keeps physically harassing her and yelling at her to do something that ends up with Hina screaming for help. Like please someone told you that she distrusts men now because of her mental state so why are you attacking her and trying to force yourself onto her while she clearly doesnt remember who you are? In the end Kamisama ended up being another tragically painful work from Jin Maeda and P.A Works. Although it had spectacular visual art and animation that rivals any other P.A Works anime to date along with its great audio design to try to make the emotional scenes impactful overall this show was a mess from start to finish with its contradictory plot holes painful characters and a painfully obvious climax given Maedas other works. Im honestly a fan of this kind of formulaic writing because it can bring some truly impactful moments with its climax but Maeda missed yet again with Kamisama. Hopefully he will bring his Agame in his next work and give us something that will truly be an unforgettable experience.
24 /100
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