WARNING: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW AND A LOT OF ME SWEARING AT PIERROT. Welcome to my review of Naruto Shippuden. Studio Pierrot seems to love to take the piss a lot. Oh God here we go. Story: 6.5 The story within Shippuden was great at first we saw how Naruto struggled after his training with Akatsuki running after him and how they screwed over other ninjas. We saw some great battles and we got to see Naruto grow from that overly confident shouting child to someone more serious. We saw Pain in all of his glory and the great story that unfolded.Then the war happened and if Im going to be honest the story started acting like an alcoholic. It swayed and swayed and sometimes completely crashed but eve ry once in awhile it would regain its posture to only go back to puking. It seems that Kishimoto as many people said ran out of interesting ideas. There are some squeezed into the story awkwardly standing in place with all this mediocre writing like when Guy faced off against Madara. OH NO WE CANT HAVE A SUPPORTING CHARACTER KILL THE MAIN BAD GUY THATS STUPID WE NEED NARUTO TO ASSUME AN EVEN GREATER FORM AND DRAG THE STORY OUT EVEN FURTHER THAN ITS SUPPOSED TO GO. Most of the arcs before the war are great or good watch them. Visuals: 5 I think this is one of the main reasons why Pierrot is taking the piss. Now I know that there is a budget when you make an anime and you dont want to spend past the assigned budget. BUT COULD AT LEAST SET A STANDARD STYLE OF ANIMATION YOU CAN GO BACK TO AFTER THE GREAT ANIMATION PLEASE. The animation in this show is varied so much one arc could look like total turds and then the next could be all glittery and nice. One of the best animated arcs was the Summit Arc but some of the worst animation Ive ever seen came from Pain V Kyuubi Naruto. It was all over the place and some of it looked like children colored it. I have also noticed a lack of somewhat decent shading and characters not moving at all for two minutes because one of the animators was a lazy pile of crap who didnt care. They sometimes use basic effects they reuse flashbacks constantly and when good animation does happen you barely even notice since you stopped caring a while ago. Sound: 7.5 The voice actors for Shippuden are fine I like them all. The problem I have is the music. The original Naruto had some pretty great tracks and I would JAM to them. Shippuden reuses music so much to the point where I want to face desk until Im mortally wounded. IS SOMETHING SUSPENSEFUL HAPPENING? PLAY THE SUSPENSEFUL SHIT IS HAPPENING TRACK FOR THE SEVEN HUNDREDTH TIME. The music is also quite simple and unmemorable at times they are like forced down Lima beans. A lot of the opening and ending tracks are great but there is one that is so bad. I am talking about Totsugeki Rock. Just why? Why would you choose this song Pierrot? Characters: 5.5 Honestly everyone hates Sakura. SHE IS SO FUCKING USELESS. Naruto I love you. FUCK OFF SAKURA AND DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE. Sasuke is turned into a terrible character. Even though my brother saved the village and risked his life and spared mine my hormones will command me to destroy Konoha and join Akatsuki Im so smart GGGAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH I liked Jiraiya a lot and the arc where Jiraiya dies will be one of my favorite arcs ever in Shippuden. I also liked Asuma but he died so shit. I also like the character of Shikamaru but the war ruins his character for me. Gaara is a nice character but he was only really developed in the original Naruto. Guy now Guy lemme tell ya Guy is one of my favorite characters. I liked the story of his past and GOD DAMN THAT FIGHT AGAINST MADARA. Naruto himself is greatly developed but you see Kishimoto make him act stupid at times which is frustrating. A FUCKING REVERSE HAREM YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME KISHIMOTO ILL BREAK YOUR LEGS MAN. Enjoyment: 3 Any enjoyment you had in watching this series will be bitch slapped away by filler. I want to see a CANON episode but Pierrot is like Enjoy this mediocre piece of shit filler episode Madara just opened the Eternal Tsukiyomi and we get SEVENTEEN WEEKS OF FUCKING FILLER. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE DROPPED THIS SHOW AND WHY I COULD EVEN GIVE LESS OF A SHIT ANYMORE. PIERROT IS TAKING THE PISS SO HARD. SO HARD. NO I DONT WANT TO WATCH SASUKE BE A PART OF THE FUCKING LEAF POLICE FORCE YOU PILES OF DONKEY SHIT. ANIMATE CANON EPISODES THE MANGA HAS FUCKING ENDED. Overall: 5.5 Naruto Shippuden is a show that was once good that was destroyed by uncreative writing boring and unlikeable character s constant streams of mediocre filler overused music tracks varying changes in animation and art and peeks of good content slapped away by cliche and stupid writing by Kishimoto who just wanted to end the series. I do highly recommend watching up to the Summit Arc and then switching over to the manga so you can end it faster. Also watch Guy V Madara only thing you should watch during the war even if cliche writing tarnished it a little.
55 /100
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