Universal Vibes. Theres something divergent and authentic about Samurai Champloo that vastly separates itself from other pieces of fiction even upon rewatching. One could mention its immersive atmosphere of engulfment viewed from the protagonists similar to Mugen Jin and Fuu. That unforgettable sensation caused by the esteemed hiphop soundtracks in a historical premise. The lingering warmth that oozes a memorable experience. From these collective statements people tend to remember their favorite pieces of fiction by the tender feeling they got from it or rather the vibe they obtained through it. Samurai Champloo has straight vibes. A newborn journey has usually been depicted as a commodity meant to give the viewer satisfaction and closure at its completion. Although the common fallacy and mistakes of adventuredriven stories lean towards the inconsistencies in narrative structure followed by artificial punchlines unnatural characters that have no originality and uniqueness. Furthermore the results of these misinterpretations end in dull unvaried writing. No punchlines. No gimmicks. Just pure vibrance. Samurai Champloo doesnt follow the rules of traditional storytelling through its composition of chronological formative events mashed together that have no relation to one another. Following the journey of 3 complete opposites banding together to find the samurai that smells of sunflowers each episode gives the viewer a peak at a different day of the trios lives on multiple levels. Some days the trio could be participating in an eating contest chugging GFuel or experiencing unexpected unforgettable encounters with random people. Samurai Champloo faithfully leans toward a characterdriven narrative. Its fun chill poignant comedic unique and entertaining. Each episode has substance to it leading to probably one of the most engaging experiences Ive viewed in quite a while. It doesnt rely on carboncopied gimmicks and writing. Most of all the Dialogue feels humanized and real. With compelling characters like Mugen Jin and Fuu and an atmosphere like no other Samurai Champloos reputation is fully cemented as a classic. Nujabes and Fat Jons Contribution to HipHop Culture I highly advise that you pay attention to the use of multiple various soundtracks in each episode the experience only adds to the enjoyment and entertainment value. HipHop and Lofi culture was highly influenced by the goat Nujabes who was responsible for most of the tracks used along with Fat John. If you havent listened to any of Nujabes songs I highly advise you to as its great for stressrelief relaxation study sessions or maybe if you just want to vibe out to something. If youre interested in Nujabes music I have a spotify playlist dedicated to him link is in my profile. In addition the soundtracks oozes out such a chill vibrant atmosphere within the premise of Samurai Champloo and most importantly is the main reason why this piece of fiction is unique. Why? Samurai Champloo utilizes its historical premise of traditional Edoera Japan and blends it with a modernized presentday soundtrack which is a combination Ive never seen before in fiction. In addition it emphasizes on the thematic focus of Champloo the characters themselves and most importantly the vibe.sorry Ill stop now. Mugen and Jin: A Depiction of Individuality Contrast and Affinity Viewing Mugen from an initial perspective his clothing seemed rather modernized. Furthermore he seems to be a stubborn individual who lives by no laws and rules. His fighting style seemed rather unique bombastic and explosive unlike Jin who traditionally fights precisely along meticulous fighting style started by the influence of being trained under his master Enshiro Mariya. Throughout Samurai Champloo Mugen and Jin have stumbled across many obstacles reason being for their inescapable pasts influenced by past crimes painful isolations and involvement with others. Both are nuanced in similar ways yet both are distinct from each other. Depicted as complete opposites Mugen and Jin are the backbone of Samurai Champloo. As individuals Mugen and Jin have gone through some of the most believable character development Ive seen. In their character arcs both have faced their pasts headon mainly because of accepting the journey theyve embarked on together caused by Fuus intentions. Mugen and Jin contrast each other yet they both learn to value one another. Samurai Champloo gives the viewer a sense of purpose through the experiences of Mugen and Jin inside of a narrative that supports their progression while at the same time gives the both of them an obstacle to eventually overcome. Badassery and Choreography The amount of effort put into choreographing the action was a sight to behold. Furthermore the animation being made in 2005 was wellproduced for its time frame. The merging of fluid yet pompous movement of swords swinging and the use of unique soundtracks makes Samurai Champloo in a caliber of its own. Jins sword style is highlighted by sharp fast and precise movements quietly phrasing his chill calm personality. Mugens reckless style is formatted as an endless combination of modernized breakdance movements along with loud bombastic aggressive swings. In general The choreography adds emphasis on many character identities and is the exclamation point on the thrill of action sequences. Fuu: The Art of Dedication and Moving On Shown as a traditional waitress Fuu isnt your typical damsel in distress fated to be saved by the male lead. With the goal of finding the sunflower samurai which is one of the core themes of Champloo Fuu may be vexing and bothersome at times but she is believably equipped with resolve which is a great addition to Samurai Champloos thematics. Furthermore Fuu is what makes the trio of herself Mugen and Jin function in the way the author intended the process to be. As a victim of an isolated past She is more or less ready to go through thick and thin along with the companionship of her bodyguards. Fuu isnt inherently my favorite character but she is bound to be appreciated. especially through her solid writing direction towards the last half of Champloo involving the theme to move on and to get on with it. Purpose Samurai Champloos core themes lie within the topic of finding purpose. It communicates the message that life has no narrative no plot which notions toward the reason why the show pushes the plot away for 20+ episodes. At the start we were given the vain attempt of finding the samurai that smells of sunflowers despite sunflowers having no smell. Now Its essentially a wild goose chase that by the end of it means absolutely nothing a complete mockery the show presents it as. Mugen and Jin believe that finding stronger enemies to kill is their purpose in life but after their experiences together Samurai Champloo influences that the companionship between Mugen and Jin is far greater than living for the sake of killing. This odyssey tackles the differences between Isolation and Solitude. Discovering purpose does not lie within finding the orthodox path to success that is meant for youyour destiny. Its about finding the right people who instead will walk with you on that path. The destination can never rival nor compare to the journey that created those unforgettable memories you made during companionship. Ultimately what matters is having the right people wholl change you for the better and wholl be by your side through thick and thin. All you need is that one change.
93 /100
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