The last few years have seen an explosive gyaru trend in manga. Why? I have no fucking clue. This 90s born trend has apparently been on the decline in the past decade but its relevancy in animanga is just the opposite. Recent and popular series like Komisan wa Komyushou Desu Gal Gohan Yancha Gal no Anjousan Hajimete no Gal among many others feature some variant and substyle of gyaru making this otherwise esoteric and fading trend known outside its mother country. Perhaps its appeal lies in the usual moe trope where it writes the gyaru character sometimes behaving in an innocent manner directly contradicting the flirtatious loose stereotype they possess. Well anyways this is all just a skippable preface. Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru features one such character with gyaru roots and is currently my favorite gyaru manga. 520 Dont Fetish Hobbyshame Sono Bisque almost immediately captured its bestowment as my favorite gyaru manga with its unique and interesting premise. That is the cosplayertailor relationship between two otaku. The first few chapters intrigued me curious to find out what would conspire out of a semicasual semiprofessional semi??? relationship between two individuals with a massive personality and social gap. Needless to say its been an entertaining one and fulfilling to see how its affected both parties. Gojou is evident from the getgo a doll otaku. The first chapter alone paints how socially reclusive he is due to his sole interest in something as esoteric as dollmaking. Despite his huge physical stature Goujou is quite emotionally fragile and softspoken. He cant assert himself in social situations stammers in front of Marin and sweats profusely in straining situations. Needless to say Gojou was unable to open his heart up to anyone besides his fellow doll otaku grandfather. That is until he has a chance encounter with Marin and the two learn of each others unique hobbies. From there on their strangely wholesome relationship and the world of cosplaying changes Gojou from the root up. While he learns explicit and new things primarily relating to cosplaying Gojous implicit growth is the highlight of his character. This new world that Marin guides him by the hand into shows Gojou what else there is besides dolls. New experiences gather under his belt that he wouldnt have an inkling about had he continued to reside in the doll workshop. His character takes leaps of determination when it comes to supporting Marin and learning more about cosplaying. Though his fragile personality and doll otakuism still havent budged a bit its part of what gives his relationship with Marin charm. Marin is on the other hand a cosplay and anime otaku. However her assertive social and strongwilled personality depict a very different character narrative from Gojous. Her social circle has the width of Mars almost always garnering a small crowd of friends and curious bystanders whispering about her dolllike looks. Though she has no one to talk to about her interests Marin still manages to talk freely with just about anyone she bumps into. Add on top of that a comfort in her otaku nature and interests. Contrastive to Gojou whod choose death than revealing his dollmaking interest to anyone Marin is open about her interests and even reprimands those who jokingly mock her for them. Even more than that Marin empathizes with other otaku such as Gojou. Shes the first to know about his doll obsession besides his grandfather and proves to be the best one to confide his secret. Though she knows nexttonothing about doll making Marin understands Gojous undying love for it and helps him understand that its something he shouldnt be ashamed about through her strong will and determination in cosplaying. Perhaps their relationship sounds somewhat onesided in favor of Gojou but Marin also benefits from it. In that Gojou helps her realize and brings her cosplaying dreams to life. Even though cosplaying is her hobby Marin takes the same newborn steps into the cosplay world as Gojou thanks to him. And not just through his custom tailored outfits Gojou reciprocates her support by giving his all in whatever they do. 320 Informative An interesting supplement to the otakucentered premise is the technical explanations. Tidbits of cosplay information spring up time to time though generally unnecessary to read for those who arent interested. From make up techniques to cosplay convention necessities to photographer and cosplayer etiquette it came as a bit of a surprise of the extent of cosplaying. I certainly wouldnt go as far as saying the authors primary goal is teaching the foundation of cosplaying but these informative tidbits are often great detailing and illustrate that the author has gave in effort. DollLike I mistook this series as shoujo upon first glance from how pretty and glamorous the character designs were. Fitting in with the doll motif the characters are all very beautified and smooth. Females and males alike have a blushing sheen on their faces luminous eyes with beautiful luster and a soft yet shape facial structure. Their faces often pop with vivid expression most frequently seen with Marins blinding smile and Gojous comedically distressed face. Considering the cosplay premise something often and strongly associated with beauty this artstyle works perfectly. Marins cosplay outfits are crucially detailed and joyous to see making Sono Bisque a great fashion series as well. Going off that tangent take note of the ecchi tag. Though theres nothing extremely explicit or any nudity Marins cheeky gyaru side is brought out with loose clothing/outfits large skin exposure etc. The fanservice definitely lends itself to a wink wink nudge nudge nature more so than sexual. 520 520 Conclusion Sono Bisque is nothing short of an entertaining and casual read. With its unique premise I believe many will be get hooked to witness how Gojou and Marins relationship will unfold and evolve. The two possess amusing personalities that complement each others all the more entertainingly as they spend more time together. With brief and occasional bursts of drama theres also steady character development in the works. The character designs are a glamorous spectacle to gaze at. The author does a fine job visually characterizing Marin with her bulbous and luminous eyes and cheeky smile. And needless to say the art nails the cosplaying aspect right on the head with gorgeous detailing on Gojous custom costumes. Gyaru connoisseurs are rejoicing with each passing chapter. This blend of a unique and warm relationship glamorous artstyle and entertaining story has won my heart and likely yours if youd like to give it a try. 420
80 /100
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