Buddy Complex is your usual mecha scifi anime where the protagonist is given an opportunity to be the so called savior/hero. The anime starts with Aoba Watase as a normal high schooler yet little do we know what journey hell have ahead of him. Eventually he is attacked by someone from the future and also is saved by his classmate Hina Yumihara. It eventually leads to him being saved by Hina and being transported to the future without Hina while Hina entrusts him with someone called Dio. The beginning gave a lot of promise to the plot as its being hinted that he is someone who can save the current problems in Hinas timeline. CONTAINS SPOLIERS. 1 The eventual downfall of the plot. The plot had a good start and looked very promising but sadly thats all there was to it unfortunately. There were good parts of the plot which gave some enjoyment but just left me with a lot of confusing trying to understand the point of whats happening and how everything was happening. For the most part it felt rushed and there just wasnt enough explanation to fully understand what the author was trying to portray with the story and the characters. If only there was more time to build on the future where Aoba was sent the background of his crewmates and his enemies to be able to fully grasp what is happening and to be able to appreciate it all. Granted the buddy complex which is the main part of the plot was described extremely well and was made for the viewer to understand why it was created and how it will impact the war. The plot was full with promise with parts of brilliance but will unfortunately let down by the bad description of the future and not elaborating on the existing setting. 2 The bright spot The Characters. The characters well all likeable par a few. The protagonist was created to be loved by the viewers as he was just loyal with good morales and cared for everyone. His crewmate and good friend Dio was quite the opposite he was your usual talented character with a bit of an ego and just was doing anything because it was his jobs. Dio and Aoba jelled well together and made for an enjoyable experience. I honestly wish there was more of their friendship since it was just so enjoyable to watch. The third main character Hina was also very pleasant to watch she obviously saved Aoba in the beginning and sent him to this timeline but even after what eventually happened she still seemed to care about Aoba even if she didnt know who he was. All the supporting characters were good additions and added to my current love of the cast I can only praise the characters as it was indeed the bright spot of the anime. 3 The enjoyable fight scenes. With the problem of the plot and the bright spot of the characters I wasnt too sure what to expect of the fight scenes but gladly they delivered. They were done magnificently and I believe the captured the attention of every viewer just being able to see how Dio and Aoba fought together with the help of their crewmates and the support of everyone else while taking on multiple enemies with different robots. Being able to see the connection of Dio and Aoba and progressively get better and better with each fight was an extremely good sight to behold and even during the climax being able to see them have to tackle another buddy complex robot which was supposed to be stronger put a smile on my face. Conclusion. In conclusion Buddy Complex was a good anime to watch if youre looking to pass the time. Its take on the mecha/scifi genre was good to watch even with the ever glaring problems. If youre looking for an anime with good characters with a whole bunch of enjoyable fight scenes Id suggest to watch Buddy Complex as it wont disappoint. I just wish it had time to build more on what the plot could have been and fulfil what I hoped it could be.
70 /100
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