My Thoughts on No Game No Life 0 Remember when I did my original review of No Game No Life? Yeah that review. I talked about how I watched it when I was 11/12 and I loved it. To this day its still at a high score. I wouldnt say its a 10/10 but moreso a 9.6/10. I still rate it highly because of how nostalgic it is to me. Now I left the anime scene when I was moving to the Philippines. At the time I did NOT knew about there being a movie for No Game No Life. So I went to it when I started watching NGNL again and I thought it wasnt as good as the original. Oh boy.. I took a look at it again and I was SO wrong. Allow me to explain why. Short Overview So this movie explains all of what happened in the Disboard 6000 years ago. It is nothing but a BIG war. A war with endless battles and multiple deaths. We have Riku the main character who wants to finish off this entire war and lead to a past that humans wish for. and then theres Shuwi an ExMachina unit who wants to learn about the heart of the human. Both eventually will pair up to put a stop to this war. Exactly how? Will it be pulled off? How will they end the game? Thats all I can really tell you about this movie. Nothing else really. I dont really wanna ruin this unique experience. Or downfall... idk it just truly depends on how you see NGNL. As a nostalgic memory yeah its amazing. Story As Ive said this is all what happens 6000 years ago. Way before Sora and Shiro were brought to the Disboard. I find it really interesting to actually go back to the past and visit and experience all of what happened in the past. Its like saying that you wanna go ahead and experience World War I how Earth was made or even how everything in this earth was brought together. The story does have its moments to shine and it brightens up amazingly. Characters Rikus character development makes me wonder how much he has suffered. I mean he did got his home destroyed he tried to plan out everything but it would end in a loss and he did order a lot of people to die in order for him to live longer but thats just an excuse of there being no way for him to continue on without any of his comrades. Idk if this is just me but that is antagonizing if it was me. He had it hard. As the movie progressed he eventually came to having a lot more confidence in him. Now he has high hopes for his plans to work out. Take note on this: If youre confident that your plan will work then pull it off. If not then it could end in failure. Theres only a 50 chance rate for it to work. I say he had the most in him and I would like to say that its all thanks to Shuwi. Shuwis development was indeed interesting to say the least. Her reason as to why she stayed with Riku is as simple as it follows to find the meaning of having a human heart. She couldve just killed him off or throw him off the cliff but no. Instead she wanted to play a game of chess with him. Why? She estates that its because its the only thing that made Riku smiled. She eventually learns more about the human heart and because of it she got close to Riku very quick. The two would oftenly plot what the next move would be and eventually when they had the time theyd play chess. Call this the origin as to why Tet made the Disboard a world of games. Both their development brought an interesting story to the table. They have their moments to shine and their game plans to plot. Its nice to see them grow and plot things out. Visuals Im a sucker for visuals and there isnt much of a difference between the anime and this movie. Theyre both equally amazing as it is. Its a whole lot colorful and the character designs... they havent changed much but its good to have them be the same instead of them having a different design. The battle sequences I find it to be wild. much of all of whats happening is just going real quick or its just a clusterfuck of magic. Welp... MadHouse is now on the list for Visually unique anime. Overall Statement If youve enjoyed No Game No Life like I have then this is indeed something worth watching. It aint no Season 2 but Ill take it with what we have with this movie. Wanna know more about the world of the Disboard? Then watch it. Especially if you have seen No Game No Life first. Well with another shit review out of the way I bid you a nice day. See you again with another one. Maybe
95 /100
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