An "Okay" Review for Digimon tri pt.1
I leave Digimon tri feeling disappointed but relieved. At the halfway point I wanted to shut it off, play some XCOM instead because I was really unmoved by it all. It felt slow, it felt like the characters had gotten bland after years away and I was pulling it apart more. The soundtrack was bugging the shit out of me I kept picking out moments were the music would ruin moments and seemed really out of place. I wasn't amazed by the animation either, it's not by any stretch of the imagination bad but it never amazed me and I was just waiting for something to remind me of why I liked Digimon in the first place. Why I watched the show as a kid with eyes glued to the tv in amazement or later as a teen still finding enjoyment in it. I was geared up to really dislike Digimon tri.
Due to the sheer number of characters I feel like rating all their overall performances would pointless, especially as this movie mostly focuses on Tai and Matt. Starting with them it feels like the writers are trying to make Tai deeper by showing how Tai realises just how real the damage caused by the battles can be but I don't understand most of his actions throughout the movie. Matt's always been an emotional little shit and in this movie it shows however he does come across as the more herioc and proactive of the two. I feel like the writers are stepping on old group with the two meaning that it all feels a bit familiar, and I'm more than happy to bet $5 that in the next movies they're gonna have a punchup. Everyone else is just there for the sake of it and I hope they build on them more later because I feel like they've grown up but that haven't actually grown as characters.
As I said I very nearly disliked this movie so obviously it does some things right. Despite some bad comments on animation earlier it does have some nice moments towards the end of the movie and overall the whole thing has a nice colour pallet. The soundtrack is awful but I really liked the opening, I like how it matches the movie and is pretty catchy as well. I felt invested in the characters instantly because of my connection with the series but I feel it adds some things that could add to the series in later movies. Like the introduction of Meiko who feels important to the plot and shows the signs of being an okay character. Despite my rant about Tai and Matt the fight they have in this movie feels more adult (probably because they nearly are adults) and it seems like the two boys are beginning to realise just how far apart they're drifting. I also get the impression they're going to build certain characters and maybe get some of them together but a nerd can only hope.
I'm not entirely pleased but I'm looking forward to next movie. Most of all it feels like Digimon tri 1 suffers from being the first movie, having to get the materials for greatness together as apposed to actually buidling something.
3/5 it's okay
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